iCAT delivers the science!

Regardless of industry, strict KPI management is vital to any customer contact center focused on delivering exceptional service while tightly controlling operating expense. Customer service representative and team lead interactions are the single most important aspect of micro-level education of each KPI goal. The iCAT (Interactive Coaching Accountability Tool) is designed with the single purpose of successful facilitation of this interaction.

Integrated with our clients WFM, Quality, and PBX, iCAT yields a complete snapshot of an agent's current performance and allows for two-way dialogue resulting in a plan of action for week over week performance improvement. Allowing supervisors to focus more of their time on coaching delivery and less time on coaching preparation will result in a more efficient and effective workforce.

The analytical reporting aspect of iCAT puts relevant information at management's fingertips allowing quick responses to underperforming agents.

Coaching an agent to peak performance is the combination of art and science – iCAT delivers the science!

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The work they have done with the at-risk program
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