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Choosing Intelegencia for its call center outsourcing services can turn out to be a strategic differentiator. Our backend team understands how crucial good customer service is to maintain prosperous relations with clients and buyers so that the sales engine remains as healthy and as active as ever. Whether through phone calling or email, inbound or outbound, Intelegencia is always aiming at resolving all kinds of issues raised by customers.

As one of the most preferred vendors of call center services for small businesses and mid-size companies, Intelegencia provides both inbound call center services as well as outbound call center services, covering Sales as well as Customer Service.

Some of our Sales and Customer Service related activities include:

  • -24*7*365 call support for customers to address their queries.
  • Order tracking, payment management and back office support services.
  • Delivery tracking services to ensure accurate and timely delivery of orders.
  • Solution oriented approach to deliver outstanding customer service.
  • Handling queries related to cash on delivery, payment gateway, discontinued and out of stock products etc.
  • Conducting customer satisfaction surveys to find out how satisfied the customers are with the services offered.

Call Center Outsourcing Services offered by Intelegencia help clients in the following ways:

  • They get to have their concerns addressed on a variety of issues such as Product Info, Order Status and Delivery Tracking details.
  • Customers get to know more about the brand and all the ways in which they stand to get value proposition from it.
  • Communication is deft and precise with all stakeholders involved in the process.
  • End-users get to have their queries answered in a time-bound manner with minimal dependency on the client.
  • Multi-lingual 24/7 support.

At Intelegencia, we have a stellar system in place to measure customer satisfaction. Our robust IT & Telephony infrastructure with state-of-the-art IVR solutions enables us to provide excellent customer experience.

Relatively new outfits looking for a vendor specializing in call center services for small businesses will find the most rewarding inbound call center services and outbound call center services with Intelegencia, the firm dedicating itself to empowering small businesses communicate with clarity and confidence.

Customer Service

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