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Making tens of thousands of record entries without a single mistake is a task that takes some expertise. This data is critical to an organization’s business and thus, must be handled with great responsibility. Hence, organizations have their task cut out. Either they put together an in-house team capable of succeeding at this humongous task or else they choose the wiser option and outsource data entry services related work to a successful data entry services company.

Intelegencia is a niche data entry services company widely sought by companies across the world to outsource data entry services. We have been supporting businesses ranging from small enterprises to large conglomerates across continents with our data entry services and managed it support services aimed at achieving the highest possible accuracy, cost savings and maximum utility.

By collaborating with Intelegencia, companies have access to all of Intelegencia’s data entry offerings:

  • Data Maintenance
  • Data Indexing
  • Posting regular updates
  • Catalog Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Multi-lingual data processing

Clients benefit in the following ways by allying with Intelegencia for data entry related work:

  • They get to have massive volumes of digitized catalogs processed
  • They get to use these for multiple purposes, from pre-sales to post-sales and also point-of-sale
  • They get to modify details such as prices, availability, images, variants etc.

Why should organizations choose to outsource data entry services to Intelegencia?

  • Intelegencia offers cost efficacy as the biggest value proposition. Moreover, the quality of work it delivers as a premier data entry services company is unparalleled.
  • Intelegencia stands foremost for client data confidentiality and takes a very strong stand on data security.
  • All data entry projects are customized and scalable, scheduled for completion within a specific time-period. Intelegencia’s ability to deliver work in the events of unforeseen changes is testimony to its brilliance.
  • Access to confidential client data is reserved. Only key data personnel and managers handling the task have access to it.
  • Data entry experts work on the latest technologies for data entries. Besides, data clean up serves as an additional measure of quality control.
Data Entry

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