Data Transcription Services

Data Transcription Services

Converting pieces of data from one form to another to make it more comprehensible and usable is a big challenge confronting businesses. It requires specialized skills and is more often than not an added responsibility for most organizations without relevant personnel. Thus, it makes sense to outsource data transcription services to a service provider highly spoken of for business process outsourcing services such as Intelegencia.

The benefits are many. It reduces capital investment, overheads, assures better quality, helps focus on core business activities, avoids the need to recruit a specialized team for the job and paying them hefty salaries, saves time and effort, helps make the most of the vendor’s workflow systems and staffing services and most importantly, accounts for a rapid turnaround time.

Intelegencia through its data transcription services aids companies whose body of work involves transcription of large volumes of data.

Some of Intelegencia's data transcription services include:

  • Audio transcriptions (speech to text conversions)
  • Video transcriptions (video to text conversions)

Clients get to benefit from these services offered by Intelegencia in the following ways:

  • They get to make sure that whatever meetings, seminars, lectures etc. get underway happen so successfully.
  • Data conversions happen error-free and are presented in an easy to read manner.
  • Transcription experts at Intelegencia handle online as well as offline transcriptions with the highest standard of quality and accuracy.

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