Data Transcription Services

Data Transcription Services

Converting pieces of data from one form to another to make it usable is a big challenge confronting businesses nowadays. Intelegencia through its Transcription services aids companies whose body of work involves transcriptions as well.

Some of Intelegencia's transcription services include:

  • Audio transcriptions (speech to text conversions)
  • Video transcriptions (video to text conversions)

Clients get to benefit from these services offered by Intelegencia in the following ways:

  • They get to make sure that whatever meetings, seminars, lectures etc. Get underway happen so successfully
  • Data conversions happen error-free and are presented in a manner that is easy to read
  • Offline transcriptions are done with the highest standard of quality and also with the highest level of accuracy and professionalism

In partnership with

  • MicroSoft
  • SalesForce
  • Cherwell
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