Front End Developer

Job Description

Total Experience in Front End Development – 6 -7 Years

Relevant experience of min. 10 Months with Angular 2

  • Strong knowledge of Angular 5 (understanding of internal details of Angular, its event system, tranclusion, templates, etc.).
  • Knowledge of front end patterns (Container/presenter, redux pattern, etc.)
  • Candidate must have strong skills in HTML, HTML5, Sass, CSS.
  • Experience with Redux/Ngrx, rxjs, understanding what is an immutable state and how update it.
  • Experience with angular-cli and its configuration.
  • Experience in testing (Jasmine, Karma, Protractor.)
  • Experience with angular material.
  • Conversant in web application security best practices and standards required
  • Candidate must have strong troubleshooting skills in web/browser technologies
  • Candidate must be very detailed focused with an emphasis on quality and complete end-to-end testing

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