Senior Desktop Developer

Job Description

No. of positions - 2 

  • One senior dev that can quickly jump into UI development using Caliburn Micro, WPF, MVVM, but that is also able to work (or catch up) with the Cocoa Framework for the Mac UI using native Cocoa and Xamarin.Mac/C#
  • One senior dev that can quickly catch up with core work (e.g. data structures, algorithms, complex systems

    The team builds the Desktop Personal Cloud clients and tools that are used by our customers around the globe reaching millions of users.

    You will be responsible for the design and engineering of the next generation of Synchronoss Personal Cloud clients. The role provides excellent opportunities for the successful candidate to have responsibility for all stages of the software development process, exercise his/her leadership skills, work with customers and other stakeholders, and build a deeper understanding of our customers and the financial markets.

    Working closely with other teams, the successful candidate will deliver a software solution that is technically sound, resilient to failure, and adhere to security standards. The ideal candidate will exhibit strong analytical and problem-solving skills, will be forward thinking, and will thrive in a fast-paced environment. This is one who can work effectively in a diverse, highly talented team, continuously striving for excellence, and has the ability to work and think independently.


    • A strong willingness and desire to learn (self-learner) and to stretch competencies is a must.
    • Ability to multitask effectively and prioritize tasks in a high-pressure environment.
    • Excellent Windows or macOS programming skills using mix of .NET and Native platform (C#, Win32 or Darwin).
    • Experience in UI Design and Development using WPF or Cocoa.
    • Excellent understanding of .NET Framework 4.x.
    • Strong Object-Oriented skills (OOP, OOA, OOD) and fundamental C.S. skills (Data structures, algorithms, etc.).
    • Experienced with multi-threading and concurrency.
    • Keen at writing Unit Tests and Integration Tests.
    • Basic understanding of database technologies, experience with SQLite, ability to create medium complexity queries.
    • Good understanding of network protocols like TCP/IP, HTTP, SSL and experience interfacing with REST APIs.
    • Excellent oral and written communication skills.

    Nice to have

    • Cross-Platform Development C++/C#.
    • Windows Device Driver / Minifilter development experience.
    • Experience working with macOS FUSE and/or extending macOS’s native file handling capabilities.
    • Experience implementing shell extensions for Windows or macOS.


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