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Best Practices

Optimizing Your Product Listings

In this report, you'll learn about creating the perfect product detail page! We'll go over all the essential components, such as optimizing your product content, crafting effective descriptions, navigation, digital assets, delivery & returns information, and much more.

In this report, you'll learn how to

Develop Effective Product Style Guides

Creating an optimized product style guide goes beyond just finding good photos and descriptions and calling it a day.

Convince Customers With Psychology

There are several mind tricks you can use to ensure that potential customers are encouraged to buy instead of clicking away.

Identify Customer Personas

Considering your target customers and their motivations will go a long way in creating product pages that work effectively.

Why this report matters:

Increased Sales

This goes without saying, but effective PSGs will certainly lead to more engaged customers, and thus more sales.

Engaging Content

An in-depth understanding of customer personas will ensure that the content you include in your PSG is relevant and influences your customers to click the buy button.

Competitive Edge

Businesses that take special care when crafting product style guides garner more sales than businesses that do not.

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