Businesses paranoid over the safety of their data and other intellectual properties being hosted online have to look no further than Intelegencia for optimum Cloud Infra Support and Security. Our creative, scalable, robust, impregnable, responsive, flexible and cost-effective cloud computing offerings put your online business in a zone where few would even entertain the thought of a possible breach.

Your data and properties remain intact, safe and thoroughly secure through Intelegencia's cloud offerings putting you at ease while getting on with your business.

Our cloud infrastructure support and security offerings include:

  • Infrastructure Services
  • Security Services

Given below are the many ways in which clients benefit through our Cloud Infrastructure Support and Security offerings:

  • They get to have their properties hosted in a highly agile environment, within which they get to control and manage their IT/Infrastructure services and design and run the same as per their convenience
  • They get to have an IT Infrastructure that facilitates integration with existing processes
  • They get to move their existing infrastructure onto cloud
  • They get to remain tension-free courtesy the constant surveillance that Intelegencia accounts for over their properties
  • They get to put all worries to rest regarding compliance, ambiguity, data vulnerability, service unavailability and malicious behaviour

In partnership with

  • MicroSoft
  • SalesForce
  • Cherwell
  • Amazon
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