Businesses looking towards empowering their employees by having them work through mobile devices and cloud will have Intelegencia helping them realize that dream. Our Enterprise Mobility services are directed towards helping companis come over the handicap of having resources working only when they are in office or at home on their laptop.

Intelegencia through Enterprise Mobility ensures companies defy geography, device availability, payment gateways and time zones to empower their employees to work with a free hand.

Given below are the many ways in which companies benefit from Intelegencia's Enterprise Mobility services:

  • They get to build conversational apps which totally support coming of age technologies such as artificial intelligence and voice-based personal assistants
  • They get to build mobile apps that comprehensively facilitate integrations with home products
  • They further get to build apps that are embedded with biometric authentication and geolocation
  • They get to create apps not handicapped by geography and location and which enable transactions pertaining to banking and ecommerce
  • They get to integrate their existent technologies with smarter technology offerings such as Oculus Rift and VR
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