Quality Engineering

Quality Engineering

Quality Engineering

Intelegencia leaves no stone unturned in maintaining the highest standard of quality in its engineering services. Fully aware of strong engineering services being pivotal to a client's rise in monetary gains, Intelegencia channels all of its experience to identify possible technical shortcomings, errors, bugs and trojans which deter software from performing the task it is built to.

Our Quality Engineering services include:

  • QA Automation
  • QA & Security
  • Manual Testing
  • Performance & Load Testing
  • QA & Testing Consulting
  • Mobile Testing
  • Mobile Automation

Given below are many ways in which clients benefit from our Quality Engineering services.

These are:

  • They get synchronized QA strategies empowering high-performance software launches
  • They get to have their software offerings tested at multiple levels in order to deliver superior quality
  • They see time-to-market coming down by 50%
  • Costs incurred earlier also come down by half
  • They have dedicated resources handling their project, working round the clock to produce desirable results
  • They get to enjoy the benefits of a proper quality testing strategy
  • Through and professional service in all aspects
  • They are suggested best testing practices in order to achieve optimum product quality
Quality Engineering

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