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Intelegencia's frontend engineering team has good knowledge of working on Angular and Bootstrap and their various upgrades. Their skill and experience have come to the forefront on many occasions, most noticeably when a leading telecom company based out of the Gulf signed up with Intelegencia to get their existing web application built on Angular to be more SEO friendly for better search results.

This upgrade task was performed by the Intelengia Frontend Engineering Project team to make the application more SEO friendly using:

  • Angular 5
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Typescript
  • js and Express

Initially being an Angular 1.5 client side rendering application, it was not supporting SEO or Search Engine Crawlers as a matter of fact. Despite the webapp of the telecom provider having two main portals, Intelegencia without doing a grounds up work upgraded the application to Angular 5. In addition to this, the upgrade was done such that it the app began offering SEO support for HTML crawlers.

The app was first rendered on a server and then shown to the client. The Frontend Engineering team then proceeded to forgo much of the existing codebase and redesigned the DOM structure comprehensively optimized to Angular 5. As it happened, Bootstrap 4 stable released during the first week of the project and the team decided to start with the most recent stable version. A need was felt of the code coverage being above 80% on Sonar Testing, hence Jasmine and Karma too became part of the ongoing project.

Frontend Engineering

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