Speech to Text

Speech To Text

Intelegencia’s Back Office team in involved with transcription & annotation work for varied Sub-clientele like Telecom, Cable TV, Broadband, Metro Card, Route Navigations, GPS etc.

What we do – in Transcription

  • The Transcription Analyst has to work on the client’s tool (Nuance Application Reporting Transcription Tool) to listen to audio and type what they hear.
  •  The advanced tool helps in saving the timing of the analyst by pre – populating the text Field. The analyst makes the changes manually.
  •  The analyst works on tagging the other sounds like noise, side-speech, coughing, and so on.
  •  The analyst has to be mindful of the target audience and has to work in a challenging environment of maintaining a fine balance between fine assumptive judgement and transcribing basis “what you hear” principle.
  •  The analyst works basis ‘Transcription Guidelines’ and ‘Transcription Mark-up Shortcuts’.

 Annotation and the Annotation Tool

Annotation is the process by which we classify a transcribed utterance for its semantic meaning. Semantic meaning is alternately referred to as an annotation, a slot or a buckets. Annotation often requires listening to the utterance, as transcription is not always accurate, or may be missing specialized words such as geographic references.

In order to begin annotation, the user must specify certain annotation settings, such as the number of utterances to see at a given time as well as the database from which the utterances are taken.

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