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iCAT (Interactive Coaching & Training Solution)

iCAT delivers the science!

iCAT is Intelegencia's in-house coaching and training solution on keeping communication clear and concise internally to achieve the best possible outcome with respect to set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). As it happens, meticulous KPI management is necessary for a customer contact centre focused on delivering exceptional service while plugging operating expenses. Intelegencia's iCAT (Interactive Coaching Accountability Tool) has been designed with the intention to facilitate result oriented interactions between representatives and team leads.

Integration possibility with our WFM, Quality and PBX, iCAT helps get a holistic picture of a representative's ongoing performance and facilitates a two-way dialogue between the rep and his reporting manager. This helps initiate a performance improvement plan of action meant only to help the rep get better as far as KPIs are concerned. Supervisors get more time to focus on coaching delivery and have to invest less time on coaching preparation, automatically resulting in higher individual and team productivity.

iCAT's analytical reporting capabilities help managers get relevant information on their subordinates helping identify under-performing agents in short notice.

iCAT's ability to help supervisors coach agents in order to get better performances out of them makes it one of the most reliable and successful corporate performance enhancing tutorials!


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