Intelegencia is in accord with the latest tools and technology and helps you improve business outcomes through data-driven decisions.

Big Data Analytics

Data has emerged as an indispensable cog as far as businesses are concerned, always being the first thing they bank on while prospecting and taking decisions. Desirable business outcomes have become possible only through calculated use of data and data mismanagement, more often than not, leads to failure.

Intelegencia knows its way with the latest tools and technology meant to take data-centric decisions, ones that help achieve favourable business outcomes. Our team of data engineers, data analysts and data scientists combine their experience of working on such tools with their insights developed over time to give you the best possible chance of taking decisions that will positively influence your business.

What are Intelegencia's Data Analytics offerings?

  • Data Engineering
  • Data Quality
  • Data Reporting/Visualization
  • Data Science

What kind of companies benefit from these services?

From Data Engineering:

  • Companies having to deal with a large number of databases to deliver superior data engineering services
  • Businesses working on multiple technologies such as MySQL, NoSQL, Cloudera, Cassandra, MongoDB, Redshift, Snowflake, Hbase, Redis, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive, Pig, Spark, Spark Streaming, Java, Python, Scala, Perl, etc. on a regular basis.

From Data Quality:

  • Firms looking for useful tools and processes that help improve quality of big data
  • Businesses in need of accurate, complete and secure data

From Data Reporting/Visualization:

  • Companies desiring to visualize their operational data
  • Firms trying to become more competitive with internal data
  • Data teams trying to put together data in a format which is easily understandable for their end user
  • Companies struggling with data visualization techniques
  • Businesses trying to make sense of consumable infographics that can be acted upon immediately

From Data Science:

  • Companies in need of demand planning, customer analytics and predictive maintenance and reasonable pricing
  • Businesses trying hard to get valuable insights through predictive data analysis, sentiment analysis, text analytics etc.
  • Firms uncertain of rapid analytic insights, analytic capability assessment and analytic optimization and management and trying to identify a vendor who can guide them with these
Big data analytics

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