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Having the Right Technology Partner can be a True Game Changer! Reimagine your business with inventive combinations of proven and emerging technologies.

Technology Solutions & Services

Achieving desirable results becomes easy when you work with the right Technology Partner. Having an app developed by a mobile application development services company or hiring an engineering consulting services provider brings desirable results only when your technology partner understands the kind of service best suited for your business and delivers it. The right partner will help you recalibrate your business by blending proven technologies with emerging ones. Your technical support services partner will also help strengthen present offerings and lay the foundation for future successful launches.

Intelegencia is one of those rare technology and business intelligence firms that shows the way when it comes to working on Technology solutions designed to help innovate, develop, support and test software products. Not only that, we bring to the table our unique ability of working and delivering within deadlines and specified budgets. Always a preferred choice for engineering design services, managed IT support services and enterprise mobile application development, Intelegencia aims to set new benchmarks consistently in terms of quality, innovation, sustainability and profitability for others to emulate.

What are Intelegencia's Technology offerings?

  • Application Development and Maintenance
  • Technical Design
  • UI/UX
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Digital Transformation

What kind of companies benefit from these services?

From Enterprise Application Development and Maintenance:

  • Businesses needing support from a renowned mobile application development services company specializing in enterprise services for their existing internal operational tools, in terms of sustained performance and quality.
  • Firms in need of custom web solutions that facilitate integration with other technology tools. Since integrations are not that easy and can often go wrong, it is mandatory that a service provider specializing in such integrations handles the assignment.
  • Entrepreneurial establishments looking for the best mobile app development company that can help them create their own social media or gaming application, ensuring a unique presence.
  • E-commerce platforms looking for an enterprise mobile application development company that can help them reinvent themselves by altogether having a new foundation laid or have their existing web/mobile platform refurbished.
  • Companies looking for a capable mobile app development firm which can test their product ideas in the market within a tight budget and timeframe and check for saleability.

From Technical Design:

  • Companies particular about having an in-house software architecture that is both scalable and propels performance.
  • Businesses fussing over a shorter development timeframe and incurring lesser costs, in order to quickly create a financially viable product, which promises good return on investment.
  • Organizations running successful legacy systems in need of migration. If not for the right managed IT support services firm, they risk incurring heavy losses. Legacy systems are usually in operation for a long time and sloppy migration can really affect the business in a very big way.
  • Set-ups searching for a technical support services partner, who can help scale their operating solutions without compromising on quality and productivity in order to move onto the next level in terms of performance and delivery.
  • Teams requiring initial ROM and subsequently detailed technical risk assessment and project level estimation, which requires the expertise of a successful engineering consulting services firm good at analysis and project forecasting.

From UI/UX:

  • Businesses aiming for customer retention, i.e. clients signing up again because of past productive experiences. Only successful engineering design services firms with relevant expertise can help make this happen.
  • Companies unhappy with their current conversion rates and trying hard to bolster them. Again, the best mobile app development company will know how to create an app capable of boosting conversion rates.
  • Teams struggling to create a powerful first user impression of their product launches. Most struggle with this and once the end user loses interest in the product, it is very hard to get him interested in it again.
  • Organizations pressing hard to uplift their applications, making them financially viable in order to trigger better sales. Mundane applications in use for quite some time are most likely going to fizzle out and fade away in the face of intense competition posed by state of the art applications. Only apps matching modern standards achieve success with end users.
  • Firms ambitious about developing a prototype that becomes their proof-of-concept in order to sign up more clients. A strong prototype helps the end user understand the message that the business is trying to put forth. In most cases, word-of-mouth does the rest and has more and more people exploring it.

From Enterprise Mobility:

  • Companies trying to build conversational apps supporting artificial intelligence and voice-based personal assistants. The presence of a mobile application development services company helps achieve this effortlessly.
  • Businesses searching for enterprise mobile application development service providers with knowledge of creating mobile apps that facilitate integrations with home products.
  • Firms having set goals of building apps embedded with biometric authentication and geolocation, for which they would most likely need a mobile app development firm taking care of proceedings.
  • Entrepreneurial ventures trying to create apps that cut through geography and location to enable e-commerce and banking.
  • Product builders thinking of ways to integrate their technology offerings with smarter technologies such as Oculus Rift and VR.
Technology solutions & services

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