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Having the Right Technology Partner can be a True Game Changer! Reimagine your business with inventive combinations of proven and emerging technologies.

Technology Solutions & Services

Results come when you work with the right Technology Partner. You get to recalibrate your business by blending proven technologies with emerging ones. This not only helps strengthen present offerings but also lays the foundation for future successful launches.

Intelegencia shows the way when it comes to working on Technology solutions designed to help innovate, support, develop and test software products. Not only that, we bring to the table our unique ability of working and delivering within deadlines and specified budgets.

What are Intelegencia's Technology offerings?

  • Application Development and Maintenance
  • Technical Design
  • UI/UX
  • Enterprise Mobility

What kind of companies benefit from these services?

From Enterprise Mobile Application Development and Maintenance:

  • Businesses needing support for their existing internal operational tools
  • Firms in need of custom web solutions that facilitate integration with other technology tools
  • Entrepreneurial establishments trying to create their own social media or gaming application
  • E-commerce platforms either trying to reinvent themselves by altogether having a new foundation laid or have their existing web/mobile platform refurbished
  • Companies looking for a partner capable of testing their product ideas in the market within a tight budget and timeframe

From Technical Design:

  • Companies bent upon having an in-house software architecture that is both scalable and propels performance
  • Businesses fussing over a shorter development timeframe and incurring lesser costs
  • Organizations running successful legacy systems in need of migration, where they risk incurring heavy losses and are found searching for a suitable technology to do so
  • Set-ups searching for the right partner to scale their operating solutions without compromising on quality and productivity
  • Teams requiring initial ROM and subsequently detailed technical risk assessment and project level estimation.

From UI/UX:

  • Businesses aiming for customer retention, i.e. clients signing up again because of past productive experiences
  • Companies unhappy with their current conversion rates and trying hard to bolster them
  • Teams struggling to create a powerful first user impression of their product launches
  • Organizations pressing hard to uplift their applications, making them financially viable in order to trigger better sales
  • Firms ambitious about developing a prototype that becomes their proof-of-concept in order to sign up more clients

From Enterprise Mobility:

  • Companies trying to build conversational apps supporting artificial intelligence and voice-based personal assistants
  • Businesses working towards creating mobile apps that facilitate integrations with home products
  • Set-ups having set goals of building apps embedded with biometric authentication and geolocation
  • Entrepreneurial ventures trying to create apps that cut through geography and location to enable e-commerce and banking
  • Product builders thinking of ways to integrate their technology offerings with smarter technologies such as Oculus Rift and VR
Technology solutions & services

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