Intelegencia Services portfolio offers our customers wide range of options in Technology Solutions, Testing, BPO, Data Engineering/Analytics and Infrastructure domain.

Technology solutions & services

Technology Solutions & Services

Intelegencia offers your engineering teams a scalable and extended Intelegencia Technology team made up of Solutions Architects, Software Engineers with knowledge of a wide array of Technology Stacks, DevOps Engineers, Business Analysts, SCRUM Masters and Project Managers.

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Quality engineering & assurance


Intelegencia QA/QE teams lets you hand over complex integrations with diverse business processes, technology platforms, partners and channels. Intelegencia QA/QE team offers you a broad spectrum of quality engineering options to pick from without increasing your operating budget. 

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Big data analytics

Data Engineering and Analytics

Intelegencia’s Data Engineering and Analytics Service puts in place data, processes, visualization and data mining tools coherently that provides you faster insights. Our Data Scientists, Data Analysts and Data Engineers specialize in providing data insights, visualization and advanced analytics services that help in improving your business outcomes through data-driven decisions.

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Cloud infra support & security

Cloud Infra Support & Security

At Intelegencia, we offer you access to a number of cloud computing services and support that works within your budget. Whether its On-Demand Service, business continuity, expertise in Public cloud and real-time server management, Resource Pooling, Cloud Migration or Cloud Integration, you can leverage our Cloud and Infra expertise that does not require excessive budget. 

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Process engineering services

Process Engineering Services

Intelegencia has years of broad experience and partnerships with a number of leading business process software products such as Microsoft, Salesforce, SAP, Tableau and others that offer you and your teams an "in-house" expertise and resources that they can leverage. 

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