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Digital Marketing Hacks for eCommerce Brands

Jerick Baluyot Jerick Baluyot June 25, 2020
Digital Marketing Hacks for eCommerce Brands

Once upon a time, the internet was only a tool for searching for information and connecting with loved ones. Today, it’s hard to imagine it again as just that and nothing more – especially when almost every daily task involves scrolling through our phones or checking our laptops.

The internet is now the go-to for every person – whether it’s for leisure, education, or even shopping. 

Almost every brand is hopping online to claim their position in the e-market. Judging from the rising popularity of E-Retail, it's evident that eCommerce digital marketing is more embraced today than ever.

eCommerce Online Marketing Tips

In a tightly-competitive landscape, how do you find the right consumer at the right moment? Here are useful eCommerce online marketing tips to get your brand more traffic in 2020!

  1. Tap Google Shopping

Google Shopping is an ad platform that displays products related to a user’s search. These are the segments you would typically see at the upper portion of the results page. 

Currently, Google Shopping is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of advertising online. Its effectivity lies in the fact that you’re already tapping interested customers at the exact moment they’re willing to purchase.

Google Shopping's fully-customizable ads, which include product images, reviews, and descriptions, have delivered promising results for hundreds of brands online.

  1. Leverage popular social media platforms like Instagram

Traditionally, marketing teams tapped social media, particularly Instagram, to build brand awareness. In recent times, Instagram has started to become a shopping platform too.

In its recent update, Instagram created features tailored to help brands sell better on the page. Business profiles now allow product catalog displays, which means that potential customers no longer need to navigate to another website to check product details. This update takes advantage of impulse purchases and makes shopping even more effortless – a tactic that significantly increases the numbers for online brands.

  1. Insert user-generated content

Nothing has been more effective in persuading potential customers more than authentic reviews and testimonials. It’s one of the basics of how to do a digital marketing campaign. In this area, try to tap your existing customers and micro-influencers to create content for you in exchange for an incentive. 

The combination of authenticity from customers and the authority from influencers will be more believable than any company-generated content. 

  1. Boost your strategy with pop-ups

Pop-ups are windows that appear on the screen when you enter a website, which typically greys out everything else in the background until you click ‘yes’ or ‘no.’

The purpose of the attention-grabbing message is to entice customers with discounts and complimentary products. Pop-ups are perfect for nudging interested customers who are already on your page. If used correctly, you can expect a significant increase in your revenue.

However, pop-ups are also extremely risky. We suggest advertising only the most relevant offers and strategize well before putting it live on the website.

  1. Improve site speed

Boosting your eCommerce digital marketing efforts isn’t confined to advertising. It includes smoothening out the technicalities of your website, particularly your site speed. 

A Google study found a 90 percent increase in bounce rate when a page loads longer than five seconds. Users are more likely to exit if they have to wait, so you have to take advantage of their excitement. Long waiting times can quickly spoil that both for you and your potential buyers.

Jerick Baluyot is a Marketing Head at Intelegencia. When he is not working, he Loves Creative writing, photography


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