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Data & Analytics

Big Data Management

It is important to make the most of out of data to drive better decisions and outcomes using descriptive, prescriptive, and predictive analytics. Our teams of Data Architects and Data Engineers support our clients’ streamline processing to gain detailed data insights in near-real time or offline, detect fraudulent transactions, and predict and improve future business outcomes.

We bring relevant expertise to help generate valuable business levers from your growing pools of data. This is done using frameworks like Hadoop, MapReduce, and Apache Spark. We have built and deployed data lakes in the GCP, AWS, and Azure cloud. From analysis to deployment, we will safely manage your data and deliver the output you need to reach your business objectives.

Business Intelligence Reporting

Right information at the right time using the right data – this is what BI teams are mandated to do regardless of vertical, domain and size. And our ultimate goal is to help business users make smarter decisions to drive better results while keeping a good balance between speed, quality and cost. This is the guiding principle of our BI practice. We work with industry leading tools such as Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, Talend, just to name a few, to enable our clients to efficiently analyse complex data.

Our business intelligence professionals ensure that they provide business users with the most relevant data in the shortest amount of time by integrating all data sources using operational data, marts, and data warehouses sources. We seamlessly incorporate embedded analytics into our existing BI systems and applications to help you generate new insights and outcomes.


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are buzzwords floating around these days in almost every technical and business event, tradeshow, board meeting, and coffee discussion. But rightfully so, as ML/AI has started to play a very critical role when it comes to better customer engagement, increased speed to answer, competitive edge and even cost reduction.

Our customers leverage Intelegencia AI and Data Analytics experts to plough through data to help create amazing AI/ML powered solutions. Whether it’s building custom proprietary AI framework and components or off-the-self solutions and frameworks such as Rasa, Google DialogFlow, Microsoft BOT framework, and Amazon LEX, we have the experience to back you up.


Whether it’s to store data or create predictions, we have the right professionals to analyze IoT generated data on a real-time basis at lightning speed. Understand what your data is telling you and make decisions based on insights.

Our experts have worked with various IoT devices, gateways, and platforms to meet the evolving requirements of futuristic digital products. Like IoT, we continue to improve our methods and processes to accommodate the ever-changing landscape.