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Customer Support

Intelegencia has a decade of experience in providing a wide range of customer support services. We’ve been fulfilling calls for years, entertaining more than 55,000 conversations monthly. Among our expertise are inquiry handling, inbound or outbound sales, order taking, interactive voice response, and technical support.

We use only advanced platforms and technology to ensure quality of feedback with no interruption, so we can focus on addressing your customers’ needs and giving them outstanding service. From different industries and verticals, our team of professionals have experience with assisting almost every position and individual in the market.

Email and Chat Support

Our results-oriented email and chat support team has the capability to deliver at any volume and scale you need. With experience in handling over 60,000 messages monthly, we can seamlessly blend our services with existing technology and processes for better customer service.

Our vast expertise in working with major CRM platforms allows us to deliver world-class, timely, and precise support. Our team is ready to adjust to the type of helpdesk support your business may need and deliver positive conversations in your market, including online chat, grievance resolution, lead generation and follow-up, and order processing.

Marketplace and Sales Support

Our reliable marketplace and sales support services will keep your business running smoothly while successfully reducing costs. We have years of experience in maintaining and streamlining back-office tasks, such as coordinating with marketplace seller support hotlines and managing inventory.

Additonally, our end-to-end sales support services will assist you from finding potential clients to successfully converting them to customers. With the training and experience of our sales specialists, we excel at boosting revenue by bringing qualified leads to the table. Expect strengthened sales and lead generation strategies when you hand over your back-end processes to us.

Technical Support

Over the years, we have been consistently providing incredible customer experiences. By constantly improving and maintaining your technical products and platforms, our experienced technical support team will work with you to establish organized strategies that support your long-term business goals in the long run.

Intelegencia specializes in quality monitoring processes that promote the highest standards of technical support, which includes application support, product support, technical helpdesk, ETL support, and more.