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Transforming Digital Experiences Product Architecture
and Design

Cloud Design and DevOps

Applications are increasingly leveraging cloud and cloud architecture for efficiency, speed and scale. Intelegencia DevOps architects and engineers keep this in mind when designing, architecting, and deploying high-quality software using Amazon AWS, GCP, and Azure platforms.

Our certified DevOps architects are trained to architect, implement, deliver, and manage rapid and scalable applications.­ We help our clients transfer massive API resources and data over reliable cloud services safely and securely with our cloud services models, such as PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS.

We streamline product development using the industry best practices and tools, such as Microservices (Containers, Docker and Docker Swarm), and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS).

Application Design and Application Infrastructure

Technology stakeholders such as CIO and CTO often inherit an ecosystem of applications that has become highly complex with multiple layers of applications, frameworks, and architecture.

Intelegencia’s team of application and infra architects help IT organizations become more agile, less complex, and scale rapidly by simplifying their existing complex designs and by building simple applications using APIs that drive them.

UI/UX Design

We all know the role that user experience plays when it comes to designing applications that not only deliver desired functionality, but also an engaging user experience that is relevant for your digital transformation goals. 

Whether you are developing a simple web application or a complex mobile solution, consistent and rich user journey across multiple channels becomes paramount in delivering successful user experience design.

Our UI/UX team works hand-in-hand with clients and our engineering teams to layout designs and deliver precise solutions.

Mobile App Design

Robust and adaptive are two words to describe the mobile app designs we commit to creating for our clients. When designing mobile applications, our team focuses on simplicity and user experience.

By simplicity, we don’t mean less complex applications. We focus on ease of use, navigation, engagement, and experience. Whether is it Singleton, Facade, Observer or any other design patterns, our team evaluates and recommends an architecture that is relevant, compelling, and unique. Our iOS and Android engineers are experts at building simple yet highly expressive mobile platforms with innovative features. Our work with several leading global clients is a testament of our mobile app designs that stand out and stick around.