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Video Editing Software: The Best 2020 Tools for Video Experts and Newbies

Justine Baylon Justine Baylon June 25, 2020
What Free Software Best For Video Editing - Both

In the business world, nothing attracts customers more than appealing videos. With mesmerizing animation and the right soundtrack, marketing videos already put brands one step closer to persuading potential clients.

As more people appreciated video content, more advanced videography tools and camera equipment entered the market. Both must keep up with technological innovation to provide only the highest quality of content. Now and then, we witness new features, and tools get introduced in the market. Even non-professionals got the chance to try their hand at video editing because of how intuitive new video editing tools have become.

The best video editing software for beginners

Whether you're a professional who can churn out jaw-dropping videos in minutes or a beginner trying to figure out how to trim clips, an editing tool will always come in handy. Here's the list of the best professional video editing software in 2020, according to industry professionals.

  1. Davinci Resolve

Davinci Resolve is one of the most advanced tools out there. Its features focus on heavy editings, such as graphics manipulation and color correction. Additionally, it's compatible with audio mixing, special effects, and motion graphics. Of course, as powerful as it is, it also needs a heavy-duty computer with advanced graphic capabilities to run smoothly.

 Admittedly, Davinci Resolve has quite a steep learning curve because it's tailored for the experience. However, its credibility and positive reviews are anything but lacking. It's even used by producers in Hollywood. The best part? Davinci Resolve is entirely free! It's close to being (if it isn't already) every editor's dream.

  1. Apple iMovie

Apple iMovie’s edge is its functional yet straightforward interface, plus the fact that it’s already installed on all new Macs upon purchase. It’s an ideal learning ground for those who are still getting used to the ropes of video editing. 

Among its outstanding features are the drag-and-drop import option and real-time preview, but what sets it apart is the green-screen or "Chroma Key" tool. With this feature, editors can play with backgrounds easily. Its tools can be quite overwhelming for some, but it still holds its spot as one of the top professional video editing software. Unfortunately, it’s only available for Mac.

  1. Blender

Open-source video editor and 3D animation tool Blender video editing software create the perfect blend of basic editing and advanced manipulation. Its versatile and sophisticated tools aren't meant for first-timers, but no one could deny how impressive it is once put to the test.

Blender was explicitly designed for 3D animation, so it may not be very easy for those who only need to work on basic video editing. Nonetheless, it's still a useful tool for designers who want the best of both worlds.

  1. Filmora

Standard and simple, but high quality.

Those are some of the words that professionals use to describe Filmora, user-friendly editing software that adjusts based on the user. It offers an "EASY MODE" interface for creating fun videos with drag-and-drop, themes, and music. You could even grab some overlays, transitions, and royalty-free music directly from the software.

It's winning feature is its Title Tools that offer creative title card graphics to spice up any project. For professionals, it provides green screens, special effects, and layers. If you come across a software that has unique features for both experts and newbies on top of a money-back guarantee, you know that it's worth trying out!

Justine Baylon is a Multimedia Specialist at Intelegencia. When he is not working, he loves to dancing and keeping fit


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