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Why You Need to Start Outsourcing eCommerce Data Entry Services

Glenda Tirona Glenda Tirona June 22, 2020
Why You Need to Start Outsourcing eCommerce Data Entry Services

Anyone can become an online entrepreneur. With the right skills and mindset and platforms like Shopify and Magento, starting (and maintaining) an online business has never been more accessible.

In recent times, many people continue to jump on the trend. It wouldn’t be surprising to find that more than one online stores open on a daily. Eventually, this increase led to a spike in demand for data entry services.

With their growing need for employees, professionals saw an opportunity to seek a third-party contractor's services who can provide the same assistance without the necessary costs of hiring a full-time worker.

The Pros of outsourcing your eCommerce Product Data Entry

Data entry is a tedious task, but if you entrust this part of your business to an external team with the necessary skills and expertise, you'll meet incredible benefits that go beyond "getting the work done."

  1. Achieve high ROI with SEO

The proven way to stand out from the competition and maximize store traffic is by creating effective marketing strategies and optimizing your content. However, only professionals can bring these plans to life and implement them effectively.

The research that comes with making a website SEO-friendly is tedious and time-consuming. You’ll find that outsourcing your eCommerce data entry to an experienced digital marketer can bring you faster and better results than choosing to DIY.

  1. Experience smooth management of listings and inventory

The term “Data Entry Services” include eCommerce product listing services, although it isn't evident from the name. Outsourcing will take a massive load off your shoulders if you have hundreds of products that need sorting on your online store.

A good eCommerce product listing services company can write informative and enticing captions, find high-quality photos, and simplify your category management in half the time and the cost.

There's nothing wrong with handling your listings in-house, but small tasks like those mentioned above can pile up and eat up your time. You won't have the space to work on other equally essential business processes that fuel your growth.

  1. Deliver efficient customer service

A typical eCommerce business entertains customer queries across different channels – phone, email, chat, and even social media. Any eCommerce brand that is always available to address concerns earns plus points for it.

Even so, the challenge lies in the fact that not all customers come from a single location and time zone, nor will they send you messages within the same time window. It’s best to take the customer service task off your hands and give it to an eCommerce data entry company that can handle inbound messages 24/7.

  1. Hire versatile third-party providers

Managing data doesn't only involve a single task. You'll need extensive knowledge of many duties, including listing, uploading, image uploading, conversion, mining, etc.


If you outsource your eCommerce data entry services, a single company can handle all the nitty-gritty. You can easily monitor, tweak, and get feedback without having to sort through a mountain-pile of information.

Glenda Tirona is an Operations Manager at Intelegencia. When she is not working, she Loves Goofing around and spending time with kids


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