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Customer Service Excellence: 5 Impactful Practices to Consistently Uptrend Your Customer Experience Score

Admin Admin June 10, 2020
Thumbnail Updated 5 Impactful Practices To Consistently Uptrend Your Customer Experience Score

Author: Gilbert “Joey” Bautista - Operations Manager

Of the many Key Performance Indicators (KPI) your business is achieving, the Customer Experience metric is a top clincher KPI than can make or break your sales or service in a heartbeat. 

There are market-ready platforms offering businesses to measure Customer Experience in different ways. Some popular customer experience metrics calculations are Customer Satisfaction (CSat), Net Promoter Score (NPS), and Customer Effort Score (CES). These indicators tell a business how to exceed its customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.  

But how can a business with an outsourcing customer service arm effectively turn its Customer Experience metric to a jumper?  

Here are 5 impactful practices for an uptrend Customer Experience: 

  1. Mystery Shopper – This is an old-fashioned yet effective consumer-mirror testing method that not only measures the product or services, but more so the aftersales experience of a customer. It can test and gather data that impacts customer experience and the company’s brand performance.

  2. Quality Alignment – Customers invest in products and services with supreme quality; that’s a decisive fact. Internally, a business must set and align its core quality assurance goal. A well-planned quality assurance check or audit system is a preemptive alarm that can be used to identify and solve operational challenges that impact how customers perceive a service/product in a more sectoral manner.

  3. Front-End Reporting and Analysis – KPIs are typically reported in ratios or percentages, and their detailed stories and causes are untold when a mere number is presented. Worse, a period would continue and require long hours to examine impacting cases and provide a solution. An effective customer care representative reports bugs found on the website or app, common complaints, detailed reporting of issues, and status feedback updates, which are essential to trigger better business strategies or even do immediate action.

  4. Pain-Point Identifications – Sadly, a bad experience is given, and not a single word is said; a hide-and-seek situation for business owners. A tactical business understands a change when a gap in people, process, product, and the place is detected. It pinpoints gaps and bridges to plan a more business-friendly and customer-centric approach to upturn customer experience.

  5. Collaborative Outsourcing – You may have heard of this, but not all outsourcing methods are the same. An outsourcing company, especially a Business Process/Operation Outsourcing provider, invites a collaborative effort to present current challenges, gathers and analyzes data, and initiates policy or process solutions to improve a client’s existing business processes that impact the customer experience and the brand. 

Below is a sample chart showing the Quarterly CSat Score of combined Phone and Email channels. The data is from an American eCommerce brand, a client that currently outsources its Consumer Service arm to Intelegencia. 

Quarterly CSAT Score

At Intelegencia, Customer Experience is a quality core Key Performance Indicator (KPI) metric in our Customer Service verticals. We handle each client’s brand of customer experience in all channels: Phone, Email, Chat, and Social Media support. Our well-planned Quality Assurance metric is in-place either randomly or holistically. Anonymous Mystery Shoppers testing is silently done in the background. Reporting with analytical findings and root causes are periodically presented to clients to help them formulate a more business-friendly and customer-centric approach to upturn customer experience.


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