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Customer Service 101: Live Chat Apps You'll Need In 2020

Fourth Lagao Fourth Lagao June 29, 2020
Customer Service Live Chat Apps You Need - Both

In this day and age, there are a lot more options to connect with brands as a customer and for them to offer support to us as consumers. From writing snail mails to telephones to sending out emails and tweets, we now have live chat customer service options for customer service and support. This is something that brands use over the past few years because they allow companies to offer support to customers proactively. For us, customers as well to ask questions regarding the services they provide and receive feedback, in real-time.

But why is chat support such an outstanding customer service channel this 2020? Because according to Forrester research, 44% of online shoppers are convinced that live chat is an essential service a company can offer on its website. It provides customers with a quick-response option for any question they might have had while scrolling through a company's website. As consumerism turns more and more digital, online sellers need to consider the best chat room apps available to provide customers with quick customer service and support help.

Need help in realizing which are the best live chat apps for customer service and support? Here’s our guide to the eight best live chat apps for customer service and support in 2020:

Live Chat Apps for Customer Service and Support In 2020

  1. Hubspot Live Chat - it is a free omni-channel support option that allows us to email, phone, or chats them our queries in one convenient location. With an easily-navigable inbox, users can work on any support case without having to switch platforms.

    Hubspot also offers a ticketing software function that we can quickly go back to should the same problem arise again. This should be perfect for more complicated cases that we can always revisit, complete with a customer support representative attending to our whims.

  2. LiveChat - this is a perfect time and effort saving tool, thanks to its "message sneak peek" feature. It allows reps to see what customers are typing before sending over their query. This gives reps more time to prepare and answer customer concerns in the quickest time possible.
    They also have a labelling system which allows for better compartmentalization of customer queries. LiveChat is available for $16/month.

  3. Pure chat - is excellent for businesses who are beginners in using live chat apps on their website. We can customize how Pure Chat looks, from colour to font and size, and even have the option to upload our images. While other top options don't have this much flexibility when it comes to design, Pure Chat allows customizing chat app widgets that closely match company branding.
    They also have an email function wherein when live chat is not available; a customer can automatically send a query via email instead. This convenient live chat app is a free tool.

  4. Olark - for companies that are larger and can assemble a chat support team, this is a beautiful option. Offering chat analytics, Olark allows "up-to-the-minute" metrics that show chat volume, customer satisfaction and agent activity in real-time. It makes life easier as well for customer service managers since the service can send daily reports to your inbox.
    Aside from real-time metrics, Olark also offers several automation tools which allow for pre-written messages for different sorts of common FAQs and concerns. This live chat support app is priced at $17/month/agent.

  5. Chaport - if a smarter approach to live chat support is what’s needed, then Chaport is the perfect option. With an auto-invite tool which invites visitors to a chat-based on a set of rules, it observes visitor behaviour based on his online activity which allows the app to figure out if a visitor is likely to convert or not.
    This smart live chat option is for free.

  6. Freshchat - another exceptional live chat support in the offing, this product has a user segmentation tool which accurately segments users based on their online activity. Freshchat also pulls data from a CRM and email automation tool, which shows the online business of the customer during the live chat. With this available data, Freshchat allows for a better servicing of customers. The app is free of charge.

  7. Comm100 - working with an international audience? Comm100 is the perfect tool, thanks to its instant messaging translation function in any language. Another exciting feature offered is the prioritization option which shows which customer queries to address first, basing on its level of importance.

    The live chat app can also highlight high-value customers so that when they send queries again, the company can address their concerns with a little bit of extra care. Comm100 is available for $29/month.

  8. Acquire - is a free chat tool that allows customers to revisit old chats to make it more convenient for them. This also works for more complicated cases that need to be revisited every time the concern happens again.
    Another great feature would be the customer review function. A survey would appear at the end of every chat, which allows customers to rate how the service has been. This is a great tool to capture customer feedback in real-time as well.

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