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Intelegencia as a Company: A Client Case Study

Mer Cortez Mer Cortez June 7, 2022
Intelegencia as a Company: A Client Case Study - Both

Intelegencia provides a working environment that enhance the skills of our employees, while enabling clients to promote their businesses, achieve their goals, and be competitive in the eCommerce space. Our mission is to help small and medium eCommerce businesses thrive in the digital world and reach their target customers.  

As a growing BPO company, we now have hundreds of employees across multiple sites that work in various lines of business that primarily focus on the digital market. Through Intelegencia's services and the hard work of our employees, we are able to turn your vision for your business into reality.  

In this article, we will be sharing with you the experience of one of our clients, in hopes of giving you an idea of what it is like to partner with Intelegencia, and why our clients place so much value in the services that we offer. 

Going Digital in the Modern World 

One of our clients is based in Australia and his business is an online pharmacy that offers a wide range of supplements and other health products. He is very dedicated to helping people lead healthy lives and, to do so more effectively, he wants to enjoy greater reach in the consumer market.   
His business started as a dynamic vitamin shop and pharmacy in Australia, but because of the ever-changing digital landscape, our client decided to enter the eCommerce market. Soon, his physical shop in Australia exploded into a thriving online store. 

Keeping Up With the eCommerce World 

To keep up with the increased demand of his online store and in an effort to provide an engaging and memorable brand experience to his customers, our client decided to partner with Intelegencia. Our client’s Intelegencia team initially consisted of 1 Virtual Assistant and from there, his team grew to a 6-man team comprising 2 Virtual Assistants, 1 Customer Service Associate, 2 Content Writers and Social Media Managers, and 1 Bookkeeper that proactively handles the monitoring of our client’s day-to-day business. 

Our agents worked tirelessly to meet our client’s expectations and growth targets. As a result of the team’s outstanding performance and the unwavering support of Intelegencia, our client's wife also decided to open her own eCommerce business in Australia.  

Client and Agent Experience in the Digital Market 

A team member works as a Content Writer and Social Media manager for both our client’s online pharmacy business and his wife’s online store, which provides oral health care products in Australia. Our agent, together with the whole team, was able to establish the digital presence of our client’s brand, allowing the business to connect better to its customers. 

Our agent was also able to use different social media platforms to engage with our client’s customers. He also successfully developed a brand voice to make sure that each customer will enjoy an amazing buying experience when purchasing products from the business’ website.  

This is just one of the multitudes of success stories our clients have. Through the dedication and abilities of our agents, Intelegencia can deliver world-class services to our valued clients and build their brands in the eCommerce market. I can proudly say that our team, our services, and our commitment to excellence will help you grow your business in the way that you want.

Mer Cortez is an Operations Manager at Intelegencia. When he is not working, he loves to DIY Traveling, Mobile Legends and Sleeping


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