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Using Outbound Calls Strategy To Reach Your Company’s Goals

Fourth Lagao Fourth Lagao June 19, 2020
Using Outbound Calls Strategy To Reach Your Company’s Goals

No matter how big your organization is, talking to your customers can make or break your business. From that alone, it’s easy to assess the importance of outbound calls in reaching your corporate goals. 

Even from a customer service perspective, calls are an excellent way to connect and build relationships with your consumers. However, it’s also extremely risky.

Before you start dialing numbers, it’s best first to lay down a solid outbound sales strategy that will smoothly bring in positive results. 

The things to consider

To create an effective strategy, you’ll need to sit down with your sales team for a dedicated planning session. Some outbound sales best practices can help you reach success. Among the things you should consider are:

  1. Setting KPIs

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will help you monitor the success of your strategy so you can avoid wasting resources. 

It would help if you first had a clear idea of your campaign. What is it that you want to achieve with outbound customer service? It could be to attract more clients, gather feedback, or set initial appointments. More so, you must pinpoint your specific target market and work from there.

Some relevant KPIs that you could take into account are:

Average handle time is the amount of time your agents spend on phone calls. Generally, the shorter the call, the better. A quick call means that your team was able to close the deal or address the customer’s concern quickly.

Conversion rate shows how effectively you are bringing in new customers through outbound calls. It applies best if your overall goal is to attract new clients or to set up initial meetings with your prospects.

  1. Employee training

Another aspect that you’ll need to plan for is employee training. Create a concrete strategy for onboarding the team and sharing standard procedures for calls.

Part of employee training is motivating your agents. Companies typically use an incentive system to encourage consistent productivity and quality of work. You can offer rewards in exchange for good results. The KPIs will be the basis of how effective your rewards and outbound sales strategies are.

  1. Creating prospect lists

Having a specific list of leads or customers to call will boost your chances of success. When you identify your target market, trim it down further to professionals from companies you wish to tap. To do this, you must include research to your outbound calls strategy and accurately present a solution.

We suggest finding the name of the company’s decision-maker and mentioning it during the call. It’s much more effective than simply asking to talk to the “head manager.”

integrating a CMS platform

If you’re doing outbound calls for an eCommerce company, you may want to integrate a CMS platform to help you track your prospects. A good tool will be able to keep all your call activities on a single platform. Once you record a customer’s details, it will be easier to get in touch again in the future!

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