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Tasks You Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

Darwin Fernandez Darwin Fernandez June 23, 2021
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Running business is a lot of work, and in order to fulfill your day-to-day tasks, the help of a virtual assistant might be necessary. But before you go off and start searching for administrative assistant virtual services, you need to have a clear idea of the kind of work you will be delegating to a VA. This is why we compiled a list of tasks you can assign to a VA, should you decide to hire one for your business. 

Administrative Tasks 

Administrative assistant virtual services like checking emails, responding to customer queries, and managing important calendar dates like events can be delegated to a VA. A VA can also set reminders and schedule all your top-priority meetings, organize contact lists, and take important notes that are shared during meetings. 

Moreover, you can also have a virtual assistant prepare and present sales reports, manage bookkeeping and data entry, and even arrange your travel itineraries. These are just some of the few administrative tasks that can be included in your VA’s to-do list. 

Content Creation and Social Media Management 

Aside from administrative tasks, some VAs also offer services that are related to content creation and social media. These tasks include writing blog articles, producing marketing campaign materials, and other content-related tasks that can boost your online presence.  

Managing your social media platforms can also be a part of a VA’s work. This can include tasks such as communicating with your audience or posting content regularly. Video editing and graphic design can also be part of their list, as well. 

Maintaining Websites or E-Commerce Platforms 

The nice thing about VAs is that they can handle an immense variety of tasks, including maintaining and managing your websites, marketplaces, or the other digital platforms that are related to your business. A VA can monitor your inventory, create sales graphs, and even update your product pages to make sure that the services and products that you offer are promoted well.  

You can also find a VA who can conduct market research for you. Keeping up with the market is a must, and a VA can work on monitoring your competitors and consumers, and the information you obtain allows you to utilize resources correctly and make better decisions for your business.  

These are just some of the tasks you could assign to a virtual assistant. Of course, this is a pretty short list, but we are sure that at this point, you now understand the scope of what a VA has to offer. This is why, with administrative virtual assistant services, you can expand your business while having the peace of mind that the day-to-day tasks are in the capable hands of a person who is willing to learn the tasks and deliver quality output.  

Darwin Fernandez works under the Business Excellence Team of Intelegencia. He's a lover of stories and a sucker for nostalgia.


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