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The Essentials of Business Excellence

Dawn Divino Dawn Divino June 16, 2022
The Essentials of Business Excellence - Both

The fundamentals of ensuring excellence in a company like Intelegencia relies on a sub-department that values efficient processes and attention to detail – the Business Excellence team. Ever since the sub-department came to fruition under Training, Quality and Business Excellence (TQBE), it has been continuously striving towards creating a better Intelegencia, one process at a time.

With its vision of pioneering innovations and breakthroughs in its field of expertise, the Business Excellence team has been the driving force of the company in attaining its goal of becoming a top player in the business process outsourcing industry.

Certifications and Achievements

In the past year, the sub-department was able to attain two highly important certifications that will attest to a company’s credibility and trustworthiness. 

Intelegencia became ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified in June of 2021, deeming the company as fully capable of managing information security. Despite the daunting task of achieving this certification, the Business Excellence team was able to overcome several obstacles and attain their goal in just four months, a feat that usually takes other companies an entire year.

Another milestone was reached when the company received the coveted Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) certification in November of 2021. PCI DSS certified companies meet the necessary security standards required to process sensitive credit card information.

Business Excellence is also behind the company’s membership in the National Privacy Commission (NPC), an authorized, independent body that administers and implements the Data Privacy Act of 2012, monitoring and ensuring the country’s compliance with international standards for data protection. 

Upon careful assessment of how a group of people was able to achieve such successes and overcome several hurdles set before them, it became clear that the formula for excellence could be broken down into a list of essentials – the team’s best practices that contribute to the company’s overall health and vigor.

Workplace Compliance

Business Excellence prioritizes client trust and confidence above all, ensuring that Intelegencia is a company that remains reliable and treats information security with utmost care and diligence.

In order to achieve this, the sub-department carries out certain duties. For instance, they conduct semi-annual internal audits to ensure that the company’s departments are compliant with the necessary policies and procedures. Additionally, an annual third-party audit is administered to ensure that the company is consistent with the latest compliance standards and to renew the company’s existing certifications. These examinations are part and parcel of Intelegencia’s journey to becoming a company that values growth and improvement.

The team also serves as a well-oiled filtering machine for Intelegencia. All projects pass through Business Excellence for information security compliance. Aside from this, the team also examines documented policies and procedures constantly to monitor if their vision is met. 

Research and Innovation

Achieving excellence entails the humility to acknowledge points for improvement. The Business Excellence team understands that in order for Intelegencia to reach its full potential, proper research must be conducted to discover ways to further its growth. 

In order to achieve this, the team ensures that the company is at par with other BPO companies in terms of business practices. They make certain that they are aware of adaptable practices and processes that they can utilize as means to advancement.

It’s safe to say that Intelegencia’s ability to keep up with standards – both national and international – is partly owed to the practices and responsibilities of the Business Excellence sub-department. 

As for future plans, the sub-department is setting their sights on digitalization and automation. The team is aiming to create a digital handbook that will serve as an online repository of the company’s internal processes. Furthermore, Business Excellence is designing internal automation mechanisms that will ensure higher productivity and reliability. 

This proves that in BE, there is no such thing as “enough.” As major contributors to the company’s growth, the Business Excellence team will always continue to strive for a more excellent, more secure Intelegencia – one step at a time.


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