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Unparalleled Commitment: Intelegencia’s Game-Changing Customer Support Solutions

Admin Admin February 18, 2022
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What started as a one-man team working in a basement office in Atlanta, Georgia is now a multinational, award-winning organization with over 1,500 employees. Today, Intelegencia’s operations span to seven sites across three continents, and provide a multitude of Customer Support, Technology, and eCommerce services to over 150 global clients of all sizes and verticals.

Intelegencia’s growth in a little over a decade is something that can only be described as astronomical. With its unceasing pursuit of excellence and world-class, innovative solutions, Intelegencia has garnered numerous awards and citations, most notable of which is Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 India and Fast 500 APAC. The US-based company is now an official Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Salesforce Partner, as well, further cementing its reputation for providing reliable, omni-channel Digital Transformation solutions to clients.

Its success and unprecedented growth are attributed to Intelegencia’s inexorable commitment to offering outstanding customer service solutions. For over a decade, Intelegencia has developed tools and methodologies that are centered on addressing customer needs while offering high-quality, uninterrupted feedback.

To date, Intelegencia is able to handle over 400,000 conversations monthly, providing on-demand, 24/7 customer assistance. Do not be mistaken, however, because calls are only a minute fraction of the customer support services Intelegencia has to offer.

Intelegencia’s portfolio encompasses the crucial aspects of each client’s customer service initiatives. Among these are Inbound Sales Support, which effectively guides prospects down each client’s sales funnels; Outbound Sales Support which offers streamlined process flows for increased revenue; E-mail and Chat Support for flexible, omni-channel service; and Technical Support which gives clients access to comprehensive processes that allow for reliable and enhanced user experiences.

These services are conducted with immense focus on resolution-finding from a customer-first perspective. In fact, the Intelegencia team’s performance has allowed critical metrics to skyrocket. For instance, attendance rate is at 97% month-per-month, quality assurance is at 90-95%, customer satisfaction at an incredible rate of 92-95%, 95% SLAs, all while resolving 90% of customer issues received.

Case in point: A client from the auto-parts sales industry has been experiencing dismal numbers in their customer service department. To remedy this, Intelegencia proposed a comprehensive solution that entails creating a historical volume analysis from existing data, and gave recommendations for optimal headcount and shift schedules. These allowed the client to increase its customer service metrics to 95% across all accounts.

Intelegencia’s incredible growth, metrics, and stories are a testament to the fact that the company treats each call as a showcase of professionalism and reliability, thus inspiring confidence in the company’s ability to deliver quality service, regardless of time zone and geographical location.

For more information about Intelegencia’s Customer Support solutions, you may reach out to Intelegencia and request a quote today.


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