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Amazon’s A9 Search Algorithm: What it is and why you should pay attention to it

Perry Chaturvedi Perry Chaturvedi March 22, 2021
Amazon’S A9 Search Algorithm Banner

The A9 Search Algorithm isn’t a new term to the growing e-Commerce community. Any established seller in the online marketplace would probably have explored it, or at least googled the phrase once.

What exactly is it and how does it work? Let’s take a look at the basics.

Amazon’s established search algorithm

A9 Search is a system that changes the way we know product searches. It identifies and refines the results we see to boost sales conversions. Instead of ranking products based on relevance, the A9 search algorithm instead displays listings based on a personal assessment of the shopper. Its ultimate goal is to provide the best shopping experience for the customers.

What factors does the algorithm look at?

A9 Search combines different aspects to create the best search results page for its shoppers. Specifically, it uses the following as basis:

Sales Performance History

Refers to how fast the product sells in the market in the context of having the same search terms as competitors. If a listing generates more sales even with the same keywords and time frame as other similar products, then the better ranking it will get on the search page.

Text Match Relevance

Content and relevance matters. Text match relevance refers to how well your keywords and phrases match the search terms used by shoppers.


Amazon also considers pricing in its algorithm. Is the listing offering the best price or is it higher than the average amount for this category? Currently, it places lowest priced items at the top of the ranking list.

Product Availability

Listings with more inventory will get priority over sellers who have few or less stocks.

Delivery Time

How quick or slow does a seller ship its products after an order is confirmed? When items are delivered on time (or better, before its scheduled delivery date), the algorithm rewards the sellers with better ranks because it prevents disputes on lost packages or late deliveries.

How else can you improve your visibility on Amazon?

  1. Optimize your listings: Boost and utilize keywords to maximize your product pages. With quality work and the right strategy, you’ll reach better visibility and tap more shoppers.

  2. Keywords are a priority: Integrating the right keywords into your product listings will help shoppers find your products from the results page. Find high ranking terms, use tools, and strategize on how you can naturally incorporate these into your descriptions.

  3. Collect feedback or reviews: Nothing beats word of mouth. Actual experiences entice shoppers to try out your product. Reach out to your customers and ask them for feedback on your page.

Perry Chaturvedi is a CEO at Intelegencia. When he is not traveling or behind his laptop, he enjoys movies, books, beaches, gym or long drives.


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