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Evolve Your Business with Intelegencia

Mer Cortez Mer Cortez September 13, 2022
Evolve Your Business with Intelegencia - Both

At Intelegencia, we view outsourcing not only as a means for businesses to cut operational costs, but as an opportunity for clients to select staff members from a wide pool of smart, hardworking, and exceptional professionals who are full of potential.  

Outsourced, But Never Outperformed  

It is a common thought that outsourcing your business operations will yield subpar results. This is the norm that IntAt Intelegenciaelegencia is changing by developing new approaches in the industry. As a newly established BPO company in the Philippines, Intelegencia has built its foundation in India and in the United States, giving it the breadth of experience needed to transcend its already-excellent service. 

In the modern business world, outsourcing is seen as a gem, but only those who have the ability to harness its potential are the ones who benefit the most. Intelegencia recognizes this and acts as a bridge to provide its client's digital solutions that propel them forward. 

Focusing on customer experience has always been the motto of Intelegencia, and this has brought a lot of positive developments in its method of delivering quality service. With this in mind, we tailor our portfolio according to our client's needs. The goal post is set not on meeting expectations but to go beyond them. Outsourced, but never outperformed – this is the best way to describe the company. 

Providing Quality and Quantity for Growing Companies 

One of Intelegencia’s long-time clients is from Australia. The Australian company has innovated retail and wholesale trading through store partnerships and supply distribution and has decided to expand its operations by partnering with Intelegencia for Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable requirements. This partnership allowed the client to leverage their key resources, and their satisfaction led them to further this partnership by acquiring Data Entry, Customer Service, and Merchandise agents. 

The client’s Customer Service operations needed the most attention. Intelegencia quickly filled the demand with a high-performing agent that cleaned up the company’s months-long CS backlog. With Intelegencia’s management comprising seasoned supervisors, the growing team is in good hands and has proven to be as valuable as the client’s in-house staff. 

The Intelegencia Standard 

Intelegencia’s agents are trained to deliver the best results and think independently about how they can excel in their given roles. Commitment and dedication to the role is a primary traits that our agents possess. A healthy working environment is also ensured as this unlocks everyone’s maximum potential in what they do. With these factors coming into play, Intelegencia is proving to be a reliable and invaluable partner to clients around the world. 

Mer Cortez is an Operations Manager at Intelegencia. When he is not working, he loves to DIY Traveling, Mobile Legends and Sleeping


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