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The Intelegencia Touch: What We Are All About

Mer Cortez Mer Cortez September 13, 2022
The Intelegencia Touch: What We Are All About

At Intelegencia, we aim to assist companies in becoming more competitive and rising above the competition in their respective fields by using digital solutions that are not only efficient but are also able to completely transform a business to its full potential. This is what Intelegencia strives to achieve every day. 

As Intelegencia continues to evolve and expand, the services we offer and our reach go along with it 

We now have five different offices sprawled across three continents. To date, we have over 1200 employees who cater to 100+ global clients from all over the globe. 

Taking Businesses to New Heights 

One of our clients is a full-service Digital and Lifestyle Marketing agency based in Wangaratta City, Australia. As a start-up business that relies on technology and the digital world to thrive, the client works with experts in Web Design, Content Creation, SEO, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Social Media Management, and more. 

The client stated that they were looking for someone to help them in dealing with their Digital Marketing accounts, all of which belong to different fields. Currently, they have three Intelegencia agents assisting them – a graphic designer, a copywriter, and an SEO specialist. 

With the assistance and complete dedication of the agents, the client managed to acquire customers for these accounts and was also able to close for them a big Marketing deal with Mahindra, an international tractor brand.  

These things were possible because Intelegencia provided the support the agents needed to acquire and develop their skills. With training provided in-house for skill improvement, as well as tools like Grammarly, Adobe Photoshop, Trello, Toggl, and more, the agents were able to deliver their output on time and according to client specifications. 

From Brick-and-Mortar Business to the Digital World 

Aside from dealing with various clients every day, the client and their Intelegencia Team also created a campaign that is aimed at helping start-ups transition from physical businesses into online businesses. Our agents' professional skills and talent have helped clients from different fields reach their goal of getting their brand out there and creating the website of their dreams. 

Websites are not the only thing the agents were able to accomplish. The agents also developed modules and webinars that help small businesses create their online identities. They were also able to partner with Eventbrite, a self-service ticketing platform for live events that allows anyone to create, share, find, and attend events that fuel their passions. With this partnership, the team was able to create materials that helped business owners start their journey in the online world. 

Our agents always ensure that we deliver nothing but the best for our clients, assisting them in introducing their brand to the world and helping them make a mark in their industry. The agents are always at the top of their game and always give so much love and dedication to the point where they treat each client's business as if it were their own. 

Mer Cortez is an Operations Manager at Intelegencia. When he is not working, he loves to DIY Traveling, Mobile Legends and Sleeping


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