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Your Guide to Intelegencia’s Offshore Management Solutions

Louel Siena Louel Siena September 16, 2022
Your Guide to Intelegencia’s Offshore Management Solutions

When choosing the right people for their outsourcing requirements, clients not only want cost efficiency, but also the assurance that their business will operate optimally. This is why, as a business process outsourcing company with a broad spectrum of client portfolios and services, Intelegencia values client trust and confidence with utmost importance.  

As Intelegencia grows, so do our clients’ needs. Apart from frontline roles that can perform various tasks, clients are also now seeing the benefits of outsourcing managerial roles. These roles allow companies to focus on higher-value work and provide more attention to where it is needed most.  

Currently, Intelegencia employs dedicated managerial personnel who are able to support clients with very specific business needs. Here are a few of the popular managerial services that we offer:  

Brand Manager  

Brand Managers are pivotal in crafting conceptualization and execution plans that are aimed at promoting a brand’s commercial performance. To do so, Brand Managers develop brand strategies and oversee a variety of business functions like branding, communications, product development, promotions, and market research. 

IT Project Manager  

Intelegencia deploys suitable IT Managers for companies that need planning, organization, and implementation of technical projects such as integration, software development, testing, releases, etc.  

Category Manager  

Category Managers are responsible for determining consumer trends through data analysis and maintaining long-term strategies for product categories. Building strong relationships with vendors is extremely important for this role.  

Marketing Manager  

The responsibilities of a Marketing Manager include the development, implementation, and execution of an organization’s marketing plans to attract potential customers and retain existing clients.  

Intelegencia provides highly qualified staff to help achieve company goals. Should you feel prepared to accomplish your objectives with cost efficiency and uncompromising quality, contact Intelegencia for details. 

Louel Siena is an Operations Manager at Intelegencia. When he is not working, he loves traveling and discovering new places


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