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Katalon Studio: An Automated Testing Tool

Admin Admin April 12, 2019
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Over the past few months, our organization has seen the effectivity of Katalon, taking up many queries. Since the team of quality assurance engineers at Intelegencia do a lot of work on it, we thought it was only appropriate to share our experience with it. This also gives every reader a chance to know the tool and its utility.

Katalon Studio is an automated testing platform that uses the ability of Selenium and Appium libraries which are both pre-installed in the tool. This highly automated software is developed through KMS Technology known to be more popular than other existing tools. Katalon Studio offers a comprehensive set of features designed to implement fully automated testing solutions for mobile and web applications.

Intelegencia got a chance to work on it and identified some of its key advantages:

  • Easy deployment – It is a single installation package containing everything you need for effective automated testing.
  • Comprehensive functionalities – Built with a complete set of test automation features which allow users to design, execute, report, and manage their automation tests.
  • Supports varying skill levels of testers – Even testers with no prior experience in programming can use recording and keywords features to create and execute test
    scripts. Experienced programmers can use the built-in IDE to create and run sophisticated test scripts.

Katalom Studio Features


  • Useful features for test creation, execution, and reporting
  • Automated web and mobile testing
  • Capable of web API testing
  • Ability to create quick automation tests
  • Recording and playin
  • Running cross-browser testing

Built-in integration with:

- Test management tools such as JIRA, qTest, etc.
- Version control - GIT
Continuous integration and deployment tools - Jenkins etc.

Katalon Installation:

We at Intelegencia found it relatively easier to install it. All that end users must do is download the zip from Katalon studio site by signing up. After that, they must extract and double click on Katalon studio.exe and it's good to go!

Katalon Installation

Given below are the tabs that users will see on their screen together with the tool features and offers:

Setup Project:

  • Built-in project templates: End users can use the project templates available to organize test cases, object repository, and keywords
  • Web, mobile, API testing: We also found out that they can carry out Web, Android, iOS And API testing on all operating systems.
  • SDLC integration: Easy to integrate with Jenkins, GIT, JIRA, and qTest with Indigenous plug-ins

Create Tests:

  • Generate tests automatically: End users can record actions on web and mobile to generate scripts with hundreds of built-in keywords.
  • Dual editor interface: Let's end users build advanced scripts with IDE and customize steps with tabular interface easily.
  • Code-assist utilities: There is a useful built-in object spy, code completion, in-context reference and refactoring helper to make scripting more enjoyable.

Execute Tests

  • A Strong Test Implementation mechanism: It Is Possible to run/debug test cases or test suites with multiple configurations and Information Collections.
  • Flexible execution engine: You can also run tests at any step on numerous browsers and
    devices locally or with cloud services.

CI/CD readiness: CLI and command line generator empowers CI/CD and DevOps practices.

  • Dynamic failure handling and auto re-execution: This includes run-time rules that automatically handle complex execution flows.

Reports and Debug:

Multiple report formats: Advanced logging, debug data, screenshots, and videos.

  • Flexible implementation workflow: Customizable post-execution workflow to notify, find bug or process implementation results.
  • Intelligent reports with Katalon Analytics: Dashboards, metrics and coverage execution results to improve automation strategy.

Test Maintenance:

  • Test object maintenance: Automatically updates all associated test cases and suites
    en objects are changed.
  • Test organization: Allows easy management and support of tests, data, and
  • Extendable automation capacity: Imports external libraries to enhance the automation capabilities outside Selenium and Appium limit.


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