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Consultations Make A Difference, Provided Done Smartly!

Admin Admin June 18, 2018
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Consultations are useful in order to make your product offering better. When done by experts, they can really be the difference between an ordinary and extraordinary software. Reason being, someone who has worked on a particular technology for years and understands its intricacies will always be in a better position to consult you. Expert consultations help you plug all the gaps that make your product weak in quality and empower you to create a strong finished product.

Companies first need to know whether their software service offerings really need consultations or not. Such consultations are helpful to businesses looking for ISTQB Advanced, ICAgile and Offensive Security certified QA consultants. They are suited for companies seeking certified information systems auditors to analyse their web and mobile solution performance. These consultations benefit teams feeling the need of increased productivity from the development side. Moreover, they are ideal for organizations trying hard to assess the security level of their mobile application or web solution.

Intelegencia, having been in this domain for quite a while now, has its own way of consulting. The results are there as well, underlining our efficiency. Our experts ensure most of our clients experience increased load tolerance for their solution, up to 150%. Their system productivity and stability rises by 15 times. They also get to experience higher predictability as far as their development results are concerned. Risks associated with mobile and web come down considerably. User account management becomes better post assessment. The development team of the concerned organization gets 100% development and QA transparency.

At Intelegencia, we aim to achieve the above consistently and perhaps more. Our team of QA Consultants thoroughly review software products, analyse the Quality Assurance part and ensuing development processes, evaluate the team at the client’s end and other procedures. Moreover, we excel at aligning a client’s QA strategy with prevailing industry QA standards with our experts needing not more than a couple of weeks to a month to perform a comprehensive QA audit and hand over a prioritized improvements roadmap. Our technical consultations take anywhere between 1 to 3 months to help set up QA processes and tools.

Consultations to make software offerings better help, provided done with the right firm.


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