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Top 8 QA Automation Tools For Fast and Improved Software Testing

Vivek Ranjan Vivek Ranjan November 8, 2019
Top 8 QA Automation Tools For Fast and Improved Software Testing

In the current business scenario, implementing test automation has become critical, with user experience becoming one of the essential factors in deciding the success of a software product.

While choosing test automation tools, enterprises consider several factors to obtain the desired outcomes. Some of the factors include scalability, compatibility across platforms that the enterprise uses or might use in future, compatibility across operating systems, the user-friendliness, and ease of creating test scripts, ease of maintenance, the reporting mechanism, and price.

Top 8 QA Automation Tools

IMB Rational Functional Tester

  • This data-driven testing platform can test applications that are developed using a multitude of technologies and languages. One of its best features viz. Storyboard Testing helps edit tests using natural language.
  • Another of its features, called ScriptAssurance capability, allows QA testers to generate test scripts that can withstand changes in the UI of the application under test.


  • This test automation tool, which is a 100% cross-platform tool, is the choice of more than 3000 companies worldwide. With full support for all desktop, web, mobile, and embedded platforms, the tool has a robust integrated development environment.
  • It features a wide range of popular scrip languages, full control via command-line tools, test scrip recording, and in-depth support for all significant GUI technologies.

Lambda Test

  • Lambda Test is one of the leading cross-platform testing tools, which is cloud-based. By allowing developers and testers to seamlessly test their applications across more than 1400 browsers on multiple operating systems and in varying screen resolutions, it has resulted in the swift detection of errors and flawless deployment of projects.
  • The tool is well equipped with features that make it possible to identify and resolve bugs swiftly. Since it is a scalable solution, it is an appropriate testing tool for small and large organizations alike.


  • Percy is a visual testing tool which is majorly used by enterprises to catch any possible bugs that are visual.
  • Want to ensure your software is pixel-perfect and error-free from visual bugs before you deploy them? Percy is the test automation tool you're looking for. It will help you gain insight into the visual changes that occur with your code changes.

Ranorex Studio

  • Ranorex Studio is one of the most widely used test automation tools globally by IT giants. Ranorex Studio is a powerful tool for experienced testers and automation experts and yet easy for beginners. Ranorex Studio has a functional user interface and allows for cross-browser testing.
  • If you’re looking to build a complete testing toolchain for your enterprise, this tool will integrate seamlessly with other testing solutions. The tool will work smoothly on your Android and iOS gadgets alike.


  • Primarily intended for mobile applications, this easy-to-setup, and use test automation tool is appropriate for your enterprise if native app automation seems to be missing from your test automation tool belt.
  • One of its striking features is that it allows the automation of any mobile app from any language and test framework.


  • Cucumber is an open-source, Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) tool, which is highly popular and is being used by some of the biggies in the industry such as Paypal and Cannon. Although it was initially not designed as a test automation tool, it has now emerged as one of the most popular collaborative testing tools that enterprises rely on.
  • It supports a multitude of languages and supports only the web environment. A striking feature of this tool is that it allows code to be executed on different frameworks.

Telerik Test Studio

  • The reason why this test automation tool is loved by developers and testers worldwide is that it provides cross browser support, in addition to allowing to test desktop, web, and mobile applications.
  • One of its outstanding features is that it supports real coding languages, scripting languages, and has powerful test reporting features.

The Bottom Line

Manual QA is time-consuming and can be an error-prone way of identifying bugs and keeping the quality of software in check. With enterprises increasingly adopting agile and DevOps methodologies, the software testing field has undergone a significant change, and automation testing tools and frameworks are helping QA software testing professionals address several testing challenges intelligently and efficiently.

Automated testing tools will allow you to execute your repetitive tests without the need for manually taking care of repetitive tasks and processes.

Being pressed for human resources is not the only reason for you to choose automated testing tools for your enterprise. If a testing failure is something you cannot afford, and high-accuracy is your topmost priority, you may consider automation as part of your organization to handle repetitive tasks.

Vivek Ranjan is a Quality Analyst Engineer at Intelegencia.


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