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Going Digital: Creating a flexible workplace with Enterprise Mobility

Ronak Raj Mallick Ronak Raj Mallick June 10, 2020
Going Digital Creating a flexible workplace with Enterprise Mobility

With the emerging mobile generation comes a new sense of urgency to keep up with modern technology trends. Commerce faces increasing demand and heightened competition on a daily, especially with new online brands entering the market regularly. As expected, enterprise mobility is now a high-priority goal for any brand that doesn’t want to be blindsided by its competitors.

Today, companies continue to find creative ways to include mobile enterprise application platforms to their business strategies.

Explaining enterprise mobile development

Enterprise Mobility is a broad term that refers to initiatives that promote operations improvement, mobile-focused solutions, and even mobile products. It includes all mobile-centered digital transformation strategies, including employee and customer-facing apps.

Shortly speaking, enterprise mobile application development is an application that has everything your company might need to improve productivity and work outside the office – tutorials, employee training, databases, and more. These directly influence business goals by improving internal processes and streamlining workflow.

Enterprise mobility goes beyond business strategies. It can also increase customer touchpoints, such as providing easier access to products and services.

Pros of mobile development platforms

Mobile-centered businesses reap great benefits from creating a mobility strategy.

  1. Minimize potential security risks

Employees use their own devices inside and outside of work. While there seems to be no problem with it, this practice can lead to a ton of security risks for your company. A single data breach can cost millions. With a stable enterprise mobility strategy, your organization can create safeguards and address potential risks even as your team utilizes mobile phones to work on their tasks.

  1. Embrace versatility with easy access to work resources

There’s nothing that hinders productivity more than delayed communication and inaccessible resources. Real-time access to data is crucial for teamwork, especially for field assignments. With enterprise mobility, you can hold meetings, update on progress, and share insights regardless if they’re in the office, at home, or in transit. It empowers your team to make better, data-driven decisions in less time.

  1. Reduce company costs on employee devices

Typically, organizations that rely on heavy paperwork provide their employees with company-owned devices. Even so, most workers are more comfortable working with their assets, hence the birth of the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy that's popular in modern workplaces. An enterprise mobility strategy for BYOD results in less cost without compromising efficiency and security.

Creating a mobile development platform strategy for your business

To successfully implement enterprise mobility, you’ll need sufficient planning and full support from your team. Here are six steps to get you started:

  1. Define your business goals and targets
  2. Research on your competition and market
  3. Set specific enterprise mobility goals and objectives
  4. Choose the right platform
  5. Create a plan for continuous delivery
  6. Prepare a security and governance policy

Your mobile enterprise strategy should fit your organization correctly, so creating one that's unique for your business is worth all the effort. While crafting, remember to account for the different needs of various departments and build your solutions around what will make them more comfortable at work. Soon, your strategy will become a cornerstone of your journey towards full digital transformation.

Ronak Raj Mallick is a Technical Lead-iOS at Intelegencia. Apart from instructing machine what to do, he loves to read software journals & learn new technology.


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