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Digital Experience Platforms: Creating Better Experiences All-Around Customer Service

Deepak Sharma Deepak Sharma June 29, 2020
Digital Experience Platforms : DXP Strategy - Both

Digital transformation is a term that’s been floating above the business industry for quite some time. We hear press releases about companies investing heavily in fully automating their tasks or consumer services. However, digital transformation doesn’t only mean creating convenient solutions.

At the forefront, becoming a digital-first company means providing the best experience for customers through digital experience platforms. The trend today is being “always-connected” to customers by embracing technology.

What are the digital experience platforms?

A digital experience platform (DXP) is a system that tracks the customer journey in a single dashboard – including interactions, locations, and activities.

Considered as “next-generation content management system (CMS),” DXP channels serve as an avenue for eCommerce brands to deliver personalized content and tailored experiences across various platforms.

CMS vs DXP Systems

CMS and DXP are quite often confused and interchanged even by tech professionals. However, these two terms don’t refer to the same system.

A CMS is a platform for managing, creating, and tracking content on a website or application. It occupies the backend of a site and pushes content to the front-end. It’s pretty straightforward and extremely intuitive for professionals who want to publish content across different devices.

A DXP, on the other hand, goes beyond content management. It works with both content and asset on a larger scale, allowing users to push marketing efforts even to mediums like billboards, portals, and kiosks. Good software should be able to: 1) launch projects, 2) establish intranets, and 3) manage multiple sites. A CMS would require additional investment and development before it can perform all of these.

The differences between CMS and DXP platforms.

Infographic Description: The differences between CMS and DXP platforms.

Tapping customer experience platforms for engagement

With digital transformation becoming a priority for many brands today, let’s look at the benefits of shifting to DXP channels.

  1. Reach customers better

Thanks to digital experience platforms, brands can now reach out to more customers across various channels: web, mobile, chatbots, voice assistants, and social media. Nothing builds trust more than a brand that listens to what their market has to say. Businesses have a higher chance of retaining loyal customers when available to assist in more than one platform.

  1. Personalize customer interaction and marketing strategies 

DXP channels can integrate marketing strategies across different platforms in a single software. With this accessibility feature, brands now have more control over delivering the right content to each customer based on their interests and demands.

Additionally, DXP offers contextual personalization, which learns customer patterns to help brands target the right customers at the right time.

When should you invest in digital transformation?

Questions to ask when investing in a Digital Experience Platform

Infographic Description: Questions to ask when investing in a Digital Experience Platform.

Investing in DXP channels depends significantly on your business goals and your current business setting. Here are some factors to consider if you’re still deciding whether you should try out a customer experience platform.

  1. Do you reach out to customers through a variety of platforms? If yes, DXP platforms can save you a ton of resources and time.
  2. If you’re a mainly digital brand, DXPs work best for online businesses.
  3. What type of audience do you create content for and reach out to? DXP platforms are excellent tools to segment and connect with customers seamlessly.

DXPs are best for eCommerce brands that maintain multiple backend systems that stand alone.

The Top 3 DXP Platforms for 2020

Part of starting your digital transformation journey is choosing the right platform for your brand. To help you out, we surveyed the pros and cons of popular DXP systems to find the top three systems.

  1. Liferay DXP

Liferay Digital Experience Platform is tailored for customizing solutions. It’s open-source and cloud-ready – created for businesses that will push dynamic content and portals. 

Currently, Liferay takes pride in its professional services that offer training and consulting. It also has features for product categorizing and experience customization.

  1. IBM Experience Manager

IBM Experience Manager can launch content across a wide variety of devices. If you’re looking for a system that can share your digital efforts with all audiences, this is the platform for you. 

The platform hosts powerful tools that help business leaders manage and create out-of-the-box engaging content. 

  1. Salesforce Community Cloud

Salesforce Community Cloud combines IT, customer service, and marketing efforts in a single platform. It offers self-service portals and channel management solutions built on its AI-driven system. The same AI feature is available for its personalized digital experience features too. 

The best part? Salesforce integrates it with your existing CMS or database management system.

The first step to creating a DXP Strategy

Typically, the first step for creating a DXP strategy is to build an eCommerce website and ensure that all features work smoothly. Your website is one of the most powerful platforms for your brand, and many consider it the “foundation of a company’s DXP.”

Once you have that setup, it’s time to determine the best DXP channel for your company and your customers. Take a quick look at the size of your business, your marketing platforms, and your company’s demands. A successful shift to digital transformation means that your DXP integration encompasses all those factors and meets all your business needs. 

Deepak Sharma is a Sr. Business Analyst at Intelegencia. Learning about different Domains and interaction with people from different verticals keeps his life busy and fun at the same time. Else, Sports and Interactive debates over various topics is what interests him the most.


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