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Vaccine for all: How Intelegencia is merging healthcare and technology to combat COVID-19 (Case Study)

Angelika Tirona Angelika Tirona February 8, 2021
How Intelegencia is merging healthcare and technology to combat COVID-19 - Banner

After the world went into lockdown as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, health professionals were quick to counter by starting clinical trials for a vaccine. The disease that had plagued more than 200 countries called for more than face masks and social distancing.

Learning the gravity of the virus and how quickly it can spread with human contact, vaccine development immediately went underway. Surprisingly, the creation and testing of the vaccine, which would normally take an average of four years, took less than a year to complete. While critics continue to question the effectiveness, it can’t be denied that technology played a huge role in making the defense against COVID-19 available in such a short time. 

Once the vaccine was ready, the question remained: How will it get to the people?

Again, it was technology that made it an easier job for health professionals. More specifically, through an end-to-end system created to manage every aspect of a public health emergency response for vaccination. It was the perfect tool to make the COVID-19 vaccine accessible because of its tracking capabilities. However, it still posed a few gaps: How can a small-scale platform handle the mass COVID-19 vaccination for the whole country while adhering to HIPAA compliance requirements and data security?

It’s in this aspect that Intelegencia stepped in as a technology partner. Backed by years of experience and expertise, the company pooled the best minds and created a solution to provide support for the vaccination system. 

Intelegencia powered an all-in-one portal to track and record the progress of the COVID-19 vaccination, which was made available to the users, clinics, and volunteer staff.

The portal was more than a simple dashboard with spreadsheet and information databases. It included comprehensive functions that could accommodate pre-registration, priority group assigning, recruitment of volunteers, approval of mass clinic sites, and even paperless vaccine provider enrollment. Indeed, the months that the Intelegencia team had spent developing the portal was evident in how carefully crafted the software was.

More specifically, Intelegencia’s cross-functional teams developed user-friendly screens, consolidated reporting functionality for clinics perusals, integrated messaging for vaccination reminders, and QR codes for proof of vaccination. All of which contributed to creating the exact software needed to power up the industry for its role in distributing the vaccine. 

The biggest task now follows. It seems the healthcare industry, powered by the Intelegencia team, are more than ready to move on to the next phase – vaccinating the whole country.

Contributing Author: Priyanka Goel, QA Lead at Intelegencia

Angelika Tirona is a Content Writer at Intelegencia. When she is not working, you can find her trying out new restaurants and dishes


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