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React Native: The Future of Mobile App Development

Rakesh Saini Rakesh Saini June 10, 2020
React Native The Future of Mobile App Development

Creating a mobile app is nothing new for professional developers. No programmer will back down from building a new project through Java, Objective-C, or C#.

On the flip side, mobile app development can be a frightening subject for a tech newbie. Thankfully, powerful platforms like React Native Development have surfaced to help beginners create mobile apps with little help from programming.

A quick introduction on React Native

React Native Development is a JavaScript framework for writing mobile applications for iOS and Android. Through the software, developers can build production-ready apps that look “native” with the ease and familiarity of a JavaScript library. 

React Native Development offers components for both iOS and Android platforms. One of its key features is cross-functionality for both systems. With a single code, React Native builds apps suitable for both platforms, which saves a tremendous amount of development time and cost. 

Why choose React Native Mobile apps?

There are a ton of benefits to choosing React Native. React Native is emerging as one of the top development apps for developers across verticals from laying an open-ground for all formats to promoting hybrid mobile app development.

Create rich UI with pre-built components

Instead of manually coding every feature on your software, React Native offers a variety of unique, visually-appealing elements that you can add to your apps with ease. Included in their roster of popular options are progress bars, buttons, and scrollable lists. Additionally, React Native allows developers to create their components that work efficiently on both Android and iOS mobiles. 

  1. Use a single code for Android and iOS

How does React Native work? It offers cross-platform mobile app development so users can apply the same code for building both Android and iOS applications. React Native can produce the similar performance results without any additional changes. This feature saves a lot of time by eliminating the need to write two different sets of code. All you need is the help of a UI-library experienced JavaScript developer, and you’ll have your hands on two apps in no time.

  1. Remain confident in the software’s credibility

Thousands of apps use React Native, even established Fortune 500 companies. Popular and successful mobile apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Skype, and Uber follow the React Native framework. For a developer, that’s evidence of React Native’s reliability in developing functional mobile apps for less effort.

  1. Easily keep tabs on app maintenance

Creating a mobile app means constantly checking for bugs and updating minor features. To make this task easier, React Native Development offers a platform where developers can monitor both their Android and iOS projects easier. Further, React Native comes with a beginner-friendly manual to help other team members contribute and improve the app over time. 

The number one choice for mobile apps

React Native mobile apps are no stranger to the hiccups and loopholes. The development software still undergoes constant updates and improvements to this day. Even so, it's a faster and cheaper way to create a multi-dimensional app. Because of the reliability and convenience that it delivers, many of the popular apps we use daily were built on the React Native framework. Startups and well-established organizations are swiftly following suit.

Rakesh Saini is a Senior Software Engineer II / Tech Lead at Intelegencia. A dynamic, hands-on, detail-oriented, and highly analytical IT professional with over nine years of experience in the industry. When he is not working, you can find him learning something new every day, playing Table Tennis & Carrom. He loves to fail so that he can rise stronger each time. You can connect with him at


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