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ServiceNow vs. BMC Remedy: Which One’s Better for Your Company?

Tanmay Bhowmick Tanmay Bhowmick September 22, 2022
ServiceNow vs. BMC Remedy: Which One’s Better for Your Company?

ServiceNow and BMC Remedy are two well-known solutions for managing customer service. Both products have been around for several years, but each has unique features that set them apart. In this article, we'll discuss the differences between these two products so you can decide which one will work best for your company. 

About ServiceNow

ServiceNow is a cloud-based IT service management software that can help you manage your entire IT infrastructure. It's a great option if you want to move your operations from on-premise servers and applications to the cloud because it allows you to scale quickly without worrying about buying hardware or managing software licenses. 

About ServiceNow

Many users have praised the ServiceNow ticketing system as being easy to use and set up without the need for special technical skills (though it helps if you have some). The platform comes with prebuilt integrations with other popular products, such as Salesforce, so you can start using it immediately. But if you'd prefer not to have everything integrated into one place, then there's plenty of flexibility in how things get done within each organization.

ServiceNow Key Features

About BMC Remedy  

f you’re looking for a more feature-rich ITSM, BMC Remedy is an excellent choice.  

BMC Remedy can be purchased as a service or software (if your company doesn't have the resources to build it in-house). BMC Remedy has integrations and customizations for newer versions, though these come at an additional cost. When it comes to configuration, BMC Remedy requires approval from the BMC Change Advisory Board before users are allowed to make changes. Choosing BMC Remedy may be better for those who are still inexperienced, as it seems to be more monitored.  


About BMC Remedy

BMC Remedy Key Features

ServiceNow Vs BMC Remedy Comparison

The first thing you should consider is that ServiceNow is a more straightforward solution. It has an extensive API (Application Programming Interface), so you can easily integrate it with third-party applications and services. These APIs allow you to add custom functionality to your business processes. 

ServiceNow’s API makes it easier for you to scale your application and plan for future development efforts by using multiple tools like ServiceNow or other SaaS solutions (like Workday) together with each other on one platform like Salesforce Chatter, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, etc. 




BMC Remedy 

Cost Per User 

    $5 per user per month 

$15 per user per month 

Customizability and Configuration 

    You can easily customize the UI/UX 


The UI/UX is not easily customizable (needs to be done    by a developer) 

Integration With Third-Party Software 

    Highly compatible with third-party applications 

Doesn’t officially allow any integrations with third-party    applications 

Complexity and Learning Curve 

    More advanced 


Deployment Model Options 

    Cloud-based only 

Cloud-based and on-premise 

Reporting and Analytics 

   Reporting and analytics features are available but are       seen as more complex than BMC Remedy’s 

Simple and user-friendly reporting and analytics
features, but not as advanced as ServiceNow’s


Let’s look into the other factors that you should also look into before making a decision. 

Cost Per User 

First off, both products are expensive. ServiceNow costs $5 per user per month, while BMC Remedy starts at $15 per user per month. However, ServiceNow has additional features and integrations with other tools such as Salesforce and Slack (BMC Remedy does not) while still being priced at less. 

In general, if your company uses more than one tool for support or customer success operations and wants to save money by buying in bulk, then ServiceNow is the more cost-effective choice. 

Customizability and Configuration 

ServiceNow is highly customizable, while BMC Remedy is not as customizable. The most significant difference between the two is that ServiceNow allows you to customize the UI and UX, while BMC Remedy does not. If you want to change how your employees interact with their tools, it’s possible in ServiceNow (although this might require some technical knowledge). On the other hand, BMC Remedy forces you into its default look and feel—which means if you want customization, then it'll probably have to be done manually by a developer or IT admin who knows what they're doing!  

Integration With Third-Party Software 

Integration can make or break your business, so you want to make sure that you’re choosing the right tool for your needs. 

BMC Remedy has much more functionality than ServiceNow, but it also comes with some limitations and restrictions that could be an issue if you need more flexibility. For example, BMC Remedy doesn’t offer any integrations with third-party applications like Salesforce or Zendesk; however, this isn't a deal breaker since many companies use other products (like Slack) instead of relying on internal tools such as ServiceNow. 

ServiceNow has fewer restrictions on what kinds of integrations are possible—you can use any third-party software with it! This means that if something else could benefit your customer support team (such as Slack), then those integrations will likely work seamlessly between both platforms without a hitch. 

Deployment Model Options 

While both ServiceNow and BMC Remedy is available via the cloud, there are stark differences when it comes to deployment options. For instance, ServiceNow is entirely cloud-based. Meanwhile, BMC Remedy gives users the option to use either an on-premise or cloud-based platform. 

Reporting and Analytics 

Both ServiceNow and BMC Remedy feature advanced reporting and analytics functionalities. However, while ServiceNow offers an extensive array of customizable reports and dashboards, they are a bit more complex when compared to BMC Remedy’s features. On the other hand, BMC Remedy’s reporting features are much more user-friendly but are not as advanced. 


ServiceNow and BMC Remedy are two of the most popular software products in the enterprise software market. Both have their pros and cons. BMC Remedy is a great product but is limited when it comes to customization. On the other hand, ServiceNow offers more customization and integration options. Having to take care of customizations and integrations will end up costing you more time. If you’re willing to invest extra time in managing your IT environment ServiceNow is the right choice


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