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Software Development: Common Problems and How To Solve Them

Erika Magpili Erika Magpili February 17, 2021
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The process of developing a website or software application in never straightforward; Developers might have to cross numerous roadblocks to achieving what they've set out to accomplish -- to create an application that will drive growth to the company and its employees.

To reduce the risk of prolonging the time and effort to resolve these problems, both the developers and clients should remember these feasible software development solutions before starting any projects.



  1. Collecting Adequate Requirements

Prior to the actual planning and implementation, the development team must have a clear understanding of what the client wants. This way, the developers can create the proper solution or method to complete the task quickly and efficiently.

These are the instances when developers and the relevant person-in-charge can take the lead. It might take an immeasurable amount of time to collect these requirements, but surely, this takes away the need to invest more time, effort, and money in the development stage.

  1. Setting Realistic Budget and Schedule

Unrealistic timelines and lack of budget can get in the way of developing an application or software. Allot adequate time to plan, design, test, and document the development. Proper task management helps the developers complete their assignments within the specified time allocation without burning out.

  1. Implement Adequate Testing

Adequate testing helps in identifying the areas that need changes and bug-fixing in the early development stages. By identifying the problems early on, developers can implement the necessary changes and avoid major modifications at a later stage, which could affect the project’s budget and schedule.

  1. Proper Collaborative Communication

common software development issues

One of the most effective software development solutions is to have proper communication between the client and the development team. Use group communication tools to ensure that all the information is kept up-to-date and will be made available to everyone on the team. It’s a good practice to document the entire development process because it reduces the risk of errors and encourages the developers to deliver the project following a specified timeline.

  1. Stick to the Initial Requirements

Add-ons and changes in the requirements or software features can disturb the budget and project delivery schedule. As much as possible, try to stick to what was initially planned unless the revisions are necessary. Be prepared to explain the consequences of the implementation of excessive changes to the client. If it can’t be avoided, ensure that the additional changes will appropriately reflect the project budget and schedule.

Erika Magpili is a Content Marketing Analyst at Intelegencia. Outside of work, she loves to display her passion for art through dancing, makeup, and handcrafting.


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