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Telemedicine: Unlocking affordable and easy healthcare from the comfort of home

Udit Khandelwal Udit Khandelwal January 22, 2021
Telemedicine: Unlocking affordable and easy healthcare from the comfort of home - Banner

2020 has finally ended. It was a tough year for everyone, but humankind has always shown great resiliency towards the deadly COVID-19 virus. From online Zoom-held classes, virtual graduations and parties, to work-from-home setups, we all bid farewell to a year that has tested everything we came to know as “normal.” 

Despite the unforeseen circumstances, we all learned to cope by creating new, innovative solutions to the problems we faced. One of the biggest issues we needed to work around was maintaining regular healthcare services amidst the global lockdown.

As the pressure on the medical infrastructure increased, Telemedicine came out as a savior for the patients suffering from different medical problems. Technology allowed these patients to reach out to their doctors with ease, even during one of the hardest times of the century.

As a tech expert who has played in the software product development industry for years, Intelegencia spearheaded a platform for patients and medical professionals to collaborate under one roof. The initiative allows patients to pick both the doctors of their choice and their preferred online meeting time slot (depending on the medical professional’s availability). Once the appointment is confirmed, both the patient and the doctor will enter into a private zoom meeting, which cannot be recorded.

To ensure compliance with the HIPPA, the company is taking extra measures to promote the privacy of the patients and the medical professionals. One of the safeguards in place is randomizing the Zoom meeting ID assignment. From a pool of Zoom meeting IDs, the program will randomly choose and assign a room to a patient and medical professional. Once the ID has been assigned, the program will no longer send the same room to a different pair. 

Such setup gives the program flexibility to run multiple meetings simultaneously, which is very scalable in nature. In addition, Intelegencia developed it as a white-label product to give customers the freedom to market it on a SAAS basis.

Being a leader in the tech domain, Intelegencia understands how critical it is to protect every user’s data. In this light, the company used a Docker, which will allow them to wrap the code along with its supporting files into a single bundle. This also ensures that the application will run consistently across any host powered by Docker.

Intelegencia’s program is a web-based solution with a container that is automated using a docker file. The infrastructure used to host the program is hardened against predators using best practices. Using Docker compose and Docker machine, the developers can orchestrate, deploy, and scale the program as per customers’ demand. The biggest advantage of using Docker is that the team can customize with volume, logging, and networking plugins.

By leveraging Telemedicine, patients from the most remote locations can access the finest yet affordable healthcare services. From the medical professionals’ end, it also ensures their safety and well-being because there is no direct human contact. 

Indeed, Telemedicine has proven to be an asset during a time of social distancing and limited human interaction.

For more information, contact us at, and we would be happy to meet over a cup of coffee to discuss how we can scale your business.

Udit Khandelwal is a Scrum Master at Intelegencia. He helps the company adapt the Scrum framework to develop and deliver quality products to clients.


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