Umbraco Rocks!

Umbraco is an open source Content Management System (CMS). Umbraco is scalable and provides smooth integration with Microsoft infrastructure.

Umbraco Rocks!

Umbraco is an open source Content Management System (CMS). Umbraco is scalable and provides smooth integration with Microsoft infrastructure.

Content writers must consider Umbraco as their first choice for its impressive yet simple editing and publishing interface. Umbraco makes editors smile, and the ease of usage leads to a significant increase in frequency of content update. We can go upto an extent and say that anyone can start editing content using the CMS without prior experience – which is not the case with other popular CMS.

Developers can benefit from their ASP.Net platform experience. Umbraco uses ASP.Net at its heart and is an open source with number of in-depth documentation for ease of development. For developers Umbraco is more than what meets the eye initially. It is backed by a professional and highly skilled commercial company, an open source community of over 200,000 active users and a dedicated partner system which all in all makes sure Umbraco stays up-to-date and stable.

Umbraco also boasts of a community that’s highly committed to the project, help test betas, fix bugs, contribute to the core CMS. Unlike many CMS’, there’s no need to buy plugins - You’ll find more than 300 free extensions for Umbraco - or as we like to call them, "packages", ready for you to download and use. On top of free packages, there are innumerable commercial offerings that can ease and reduce development time.

With the aforesaid advantage that Umbraco provides for the content writers and developers, Umbraco is today used to develop small to large scale websites and web applications.

Some of the key features of Umbraco CMS

  • Content management – Any approved content writer can quickly and easily publish online without needing to know any software development.
  • Brand and navigation – Umbraco follows design templates which provide a consistent brand and standard navigation across all websites.
  • Ease for developers – Because the brilliant content editing section Umbraco enables non-technical content writers to easily publish content, this frees up developers to focus on functionality and enhanced features. Developers can also avail the benefits of ASP.Net and can develop their own Packages for future use.
  • Design is separate from content – Umbraco by way of design keeps the content data separated from the design template. So, the content writers can manipulate content without fear of accidentally changing the design.
  • Database-driven – In Umbraco the content specific data need to modify data once for it to be updated throughout your site. The core Data abstraction layer also makes it possible to support databases other than SQL Server. However, the support for other databases is not great yet.
  • Asset sharing – Website managers will have access to shared resources, such as modules, images, audio and video files, etc.
  • Image handling – Umbraco bring Image Cropper functionality. This feature is very helpful in managing multiple variations of images within Umbraco. Content editors can easily upload their image and developers set up different crop sizes that allows the editors to easily crop and change the focal point of their large images so that they become perfect for the web. This feature also compresses images and helps to improve page load times.
  • Approval systems – You can give different levels of access to different users, and Umbraco has mechanisms to ensure content is approved before going live.
  • Mobile ready – Umbraco features a new grid system that allows content editors to have more control over the content and layout that appears on their responsive websites, and easily scales your site to fit tablets, mobile devices and smaller browser windows.
  • Responsive preview – Responsive preview is a feature that allows content editors to stop guessing what their content will look like and actually see a preview of their page on different devices before publishing.
  • Search engine-friendly – Umbraco helps to optimize the website so that search engine users can easily find your information. Umbraco is SEO friendly out of the box.
  • Search functionality – Another one of the out-of-the box feature is Search. Umbraco makes Search functionality across the Umbraco installed instance available everywhere and making sure that the search is really fast. By starting to type keyword, Umbraco will automatically search on all the content and all the sections that you have an access to it, so you can immediately start working on it. Additionally, Umbraco can be integrated with Elastic Search engine for using better and faster search algorithms.

Our Experiences

Intelegencia has a team of highly skilled Umbraco developers. The team has developed more than 30 websites on Umbraco platform. Intelegencia website runs on Umbraco – that itself is our commitment and trust towards Umbraco.

Some of our Umbraco project includes :

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