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Digital Transformation – Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

Although customers have always had the ability to vote with their wallets, they now have more choices and less patience. Empowered by their digital devices, customers expect the brands they engage with to offer immediacy, personalization and convenience.

This reality is driving a variety of technology trends that are shaping today’s customer experiences.

Omnichannel - Customers shifting between channels quickly become frustrated by fragmented experiences caused by a lack of channel integration. Achieving a true omnichannel customer experience that overcomes the challenges of information silos has become a driving goal for many retailers.

Advanced Data Analytics - With the expectation for personalized experiences comes the need for greater customer insights. But it takes more than just collecting data. There must be a purposeful strategy to use the data to make better customer recommendations and business decisions.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - Businesses such as retailers are infusing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning into business analytics, merchandising and inventory, marketing technology and customer engagement.

Progressive Web Applications - Blending the best of the native and web worlds, progressive web applications (PWA) are helping retailers increase mobile traffic and improve their customer experience.

At the heart of the our Digital Suite, Our Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is an intuitive, no/low code, cloud-native platform that enables both IT and citizen developers to create unified, omnichannel customer journeys, once not for each and every channel. With a toolkit of capabilities and drag-and-drop functionality, DXP enables users to:

Digital Experience Platform (DXP) Model
Digital Experience Platform (DXP) Model 1
Digital Experience Platform (DXP) Model 2

Leverage existing back-end systems without the need for replacing existing systems.

Create seamless, consistent, cross-channel experiences that customers can pause and resume.

Launch and test promotions in real time to determine which product, offer or message resonates best with customers. With DXP, customer journeys become one continuous, contextual customer experience across all customer engagement channels.

Pause and Resume Functionality - Customers can start an interaction on one channel, pause it and then automatically resume on another channel.

Consistent Experiences - Enable customers to experience the same steps in a journey for a given interaction across all channels. Standardize the process or workflow for a given journey in all channels and create consistent customer experiences.

Optimized Experiences - Continuously fuel and inform improvements to customer journeys and experiences, identifying opportunities to reduce the number of steps in a transaction as an example.

Faster Time to Market - Quickly deploy customer journeys across all channels without time-consuming integrations and testing.