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Evolve your business with Intelegencia’s future-proof technology services covering UI/UX Design, Mobile App Design, Web Development, QA & Software Testing, and Data & Analytics Management. We create digital transformation solutions to assist clients in supporting customers, managing their costs, and redefining the way they interact with stakeholders.

Our strategic locations worldwide enable us to operate on a 24×7 support model that relies on a cost-effective blended team. Our customers benefit from having an expert in their respective time zone who understands their business goals and effectively collaborates with distributed Offshore groups.

Intelegencia boasts over 11 years of proven experience working with startups, SMEs, and Fortune 1000 companies across multiple verticals and domains. Our year-over-year financial growth, consistent performance and repeated recognitions by Deloitte as one of the Fast 50 are a testament of our inexorable pursuit of excellence.

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