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6 Features That Make a Mobile App Outstanding

Ronak Raj Mallick Ronak Raj Mallick December 12, 2019
Features Of Mobile App Development

Mobile apps have taken the world by storm. Are you rolling your eyes already at this obvious statement? But there are some excellent ways in which mobile apps help people these days. If you have a smartphone, you just cannot do without at least a dozen mobile apps, can you?

Some apps help manage your social media presence, apps that allow you to chat with your friends securely, book cabs, schedule appointments, shop online, send gifts, order food, and whatnot.

If you have a fantastic mobile app idea or are only planning on taking your website mobile with a winning mobile app, it is a good idea to understand some of the top features that help a mobile app win. Take a look at these features:

Some of the Top Features that help a Mobile App Win

  1. A great app idea

The first and foremost thing to remember if you want users to end up downloading your mobile app is that your app solves a real problem of your target audience. And something to remind if you want users to end up using your app frequently is that it offers your users a superior experience than any of your competitors' apps.

A great app idea is built on solving a real problem that users face in the most creative way that can be imagined. The chances are that the question you end up choosing to settle with your mobile app has already been picked up by a thousand others in the mobile app market. What you can instead do is pick the same problem and try to solve it in a better and more personalized way with your mobile app.

  1. A rich and polished design

If you’re thinking of getting a fundamental design with your mobile app development so that you could instead focus all your energies on developing the app, your approach isn't wise. Your app design will decide the kind of experience your users will have. Putting plan first is the need of the hour.

If your app has a poor design, your users will tend to think that not much effort have been put in to develop the app. This will end up making your app look like it is just another casual app in the market like thousands other that have been developed just for the sake of it.

Pay attention to the smallest of design details and elements. Graphics are not the only thing to consider when thinking design. Sound effects, animations, and usage paths of the app, too, are an essential aspect to consider when thinking design.

  1. Fast response rate

If you've ever witnessed a slow speed internet, you'd know how you want to smack that screen when that happens. Slow loading screens frustrates users like no other thing. When they have to end up looking at the screen loading symbol for way too long, they consider leaving the app in the hope of searching a better one with fast response time. Keep your mobile app simple with minimal use of graphics so that it loads fast. Proficient mobile app development companies can help you develop apps that have fast response rates.

  1. App security

This has become one of the essential features of a mobile app these days because more and more apps have started storing users' personal and sensitive information. If your mobile app isn't secure, hackers might end up accessing and stealing customer data or private business assets. When thinking of mobile app development, it is essential to ensure your mobile app security is watertight.

  1. Searchability

Searchability is another essential feature that makes or breaks a mobile app. Ensure your users can search for things within your app easily. It is an excellent practice to place the search box right on top (above the fold) where users do not have to put in efforts to find it.

  1. Intuitive navigation

People have short attention spans. If your users find it difficult to navigate within your app to find a specific thing they're looking for, they will end up getting distracted. They will most probably hop on to your competitor's app with a better navigational design. Keep your menus simples and ensure that no feature or function is embedded too deep within in your lists. Your users should be able to reach anywhere they want to within your app in a maximum of two to three taps or clicks.

A leading reason for users to delete a mobile app is that they find it challenging to use the app. For instance, if a user has to struggle or use lots of clicks to reach a particular place or find a function within your app, he'll most probably end up uninstalling it.

Before you move into the mobile app development, you need to research a bit about the industry, market, and your target audience. Here are a few ideas to help you get started with your research:

  • Find out what it is that you wish to accomplish with your mobile app. Lay down the list of goals and objectives you’re trying to achieve.
  • Clearly define your target audience and study their demographics.
  • Decide the platform(s), language(s), and framework(s) you want to use for your mobile app development.
  • Set your app development budget. And don’t forget the ongoing app budget too. For this, you may want first to define the scope of work
  • Please make a list of your competitors and observe their steps carefully. Look into the features they offer and try to beat them.
  • Determine the timeline for your app development and also decide on a tentative date you plan on launching it.
  • Work out the real deadline and ensure you do not miss it in any condition.
  • Plan a course of action for the marketing and promotions of your mobile app.
  • Build a risks register where you could write down all the risks associated with building the mobile app. For each chance, find out an excellent action to manage down that particular risk.
  • Find out who the key stakeholders of your mobile app would be.
  • Think of your design considerations and design constraints, if any.
  • Find out your app hosting options and security protocols needed.
  • Estimate how frequently your app is going to be used.

In Conclusion

Creating a winning mobile app that ends up ruling the app market is no mean feat. A successful mobile app is undoubtedly built on a great and unique idea but requires other things to be successful like a good speed, intuitive user interface, attention-grabbing color scheme, excellent user experience, and easy searchability, among other features.

A professional mobile application development company can take care of all the aspects necessary in making a mobile app successful.

Ronak Raj Mallick is a Technical Lead-iOS at Intelegencia. Apart from instructing machine what to do, he loves to read software journals & learn new technology.


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