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Why Managed IT Services Are Essential for Your Business

Jerick Baluyot Jerick Baluyot March 25, 2020
Why Managed IT Services Are Essential for Your Business - Banner

Operational efficiency is essential to all businesses. However, sadly, not all of them have the IT resources required to maintain this efficiency. The chances for small and growing businesses to have limited IT resources is even less, which means they’re more likely to fall behind in their IT and network management.

If, as a company, you fall behind in network updates, your systems would be at an increased risk of an outage or breach.

So what is the possible solution for this?

Some would say outsourcing IT operations. Some would recommend IT management software solutions while some would consider relying on IT support services.

Then comes the newest development in the market viz. Managed IT services.

But, before going deep into what managed IT services is, let us see what led to the shift in mentality regarding technical support services.

Before Managed Services Entered The Market

Let us go back in time and see how businesses dealt with technical difficulties before the managed-IT-services business model existed. The only standard approach at that time to deal with any technical outage or pain was to call an IT professional, waiting on them to analyze the problem and come up with possible solutions. Businesses waited for issues or outages to arise before taking action.

Back then, this was a viable solution as businesses did not do dependent on automated systems.

But, with technological developments that we see today, this standard is nowhere acceptable now.

Today, the stakes are higher. Our digital databases are enormous.  Our dependency on automated systems is more elevated. And so is the need for system security. We cannot afford technology outages for prolonged periods now.

Managed IT services have come into the industry and filled the gaps that traditional technical support services could not. Without further ado, let us see what led IT services mean.

What is Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services is simply a solution provided by an IT service provider to manage the various IT operations and systems of businesses. The MSPs (Managed IT service providers) who offer managed IT services specialize in handling these IT responsibilities and they charge a flat fee for the services they provide over a fixed period.

What Presses Businesses to Rely on Managed IT Services?

The managed-IT-services business model seems to be becoming hugely popular among businesses and for all the right reasons. Let us take a closer look at these reasons:

One of the most significant benefits of the managed-IT-services business model is that it allows for 24X7 IT support and maintenance. Business owners, especially small business owners, are involved in so many operations that they have little time left to worry about managing their IT infrastructure or network connections.

Although detecting potential network threats and vulnerabilities and remediating them is an essential concern for businesses, owners of small companies do not have enough resources, tools, technologies, or time to perform such complex operations.

By working with an MSP, you will have the luxury of round-the-clock and robust IT coverage. No need to worry about verifying whether the backups are being done correctly. Or troubleshooting IT issues and finding remedies to fix them. Your MSP will take care of it at all times. Managed IT services is your best business continuity solution.

If you are a company with over 100 employees and you have an in-house IT team, the chances are that your IT staff would either be overburdened or/ and will not have the required knowledge and skills to handle all the IT and network operations effectively. This is where managed IT services come into the picture and promises to handle your entire network unhindered.

Your MSP will work collaboratively with your in-house IT department and will ensure to take care of aspects and concerns that fall outside of your in-house team’s area of expertise.

If you’re looking to improve the capabilities of your in-house IT team instead of replacing them, managed IT services is your best option.

MSPs are not only experts in resolving varied IT concerns, but they also have access to innovative tools and technologies (for example: Remote monitoring and management (RMM), Backup and disaster recovery (BDR), and Cloud computing) that help deliver reliable services.

With reliability and better efficiency in IT operations, it is hard to deny the value of an MSP.

Although no business organization wants to face downtime, the hard-hitting reality is that no one can escape it altogether. As a business, what you can instead do is mitigate it as much as possible. As they say, “the cost of preventing mistakes is usually a lot less than the cost of correcting them.”

Downtimes can be very damaging for businesses. Innovative backup solutions will ensure to protect critical business information that might be at risk due to possible downtimes. MSPs can help you gain access to effective recovery solutions via innovative life-saving backup solutions.

There’s no limit to the number and variations of technology and methods used these days for storing and transmitting data. From tablets to smartphones, laptops, and even servers and operating systems, the changes we see in each of these categories are limitless. So cool. No.

It is all cool and sweet until you realize that they’re more prone to security breaches now than ever.

Data and devices both can be compromised if there's any flaw in the data security and compliance practices. It's fear business owners continuously live with, these days.

Opting for the managed-IT-services business model will prove to be fruitful for your business since MSPs ensure to make business owners aware of the concerned risks and favourable data compliance practices to adopt in unforeseen events when critical data might be compromised. Managed IT services will especially be useful for health and legal industries where business owners are a lot more concerned about compliance and security.

If you’re considering managed IT services as an option to maintain a robust IT infrastructure for your business, ensure to choose an MSP that can implement advanced security policies and protocols.

Another pressing reason for businesses to rely on MSPs (Managed IT Services Providers) is that it results in significant cost savings. Building and maintaining a robust IT infrastructure and network is, undoubtedly, an expensive affair. Hardware costs, costs of building software and network infrastructure, maintenance costs, and IT labour costs are some of the critical IT costs associated with this.

If you wish to control your expenses, relying on managed IT services would be the right business decision. Sadly, most business owners are unaware of the significance of this benefit.

If your business uses outdated software, it will not only be damaging for your critical business data and applications but will also have detrimental effects on you revenue and return on investment. But, MSPs can help you avoid these effects with managed IT services.

While your in-house IT team might find it difficult or even impossible to scale IT operations up or down, your MSP will provide you with the required flexibility to scale up and down without any trouble or hassle.

If you need your business to stay on top of the latest security developments and regulations, your in-house IT staff would not be enough. They won’t necessarily have access to all the resources or the latest tools and technologies required to stay on top of the security practices and updates. This is another picture where managed IT support services jumps into the picture.

Since MSPs have access to the most innovative hardware and software resources, relying on them is what your business needs to stay on top of all the latest IT security developments.

Ending Note

Now that we’ve established some of the top benefits drawing businesses towards the managed-IT-services business model, we leave it up to you to decide whether or not the reasons to shift to this business model are pressing enough for your IT requirements.

This growingly popular IT model allows businesses to seamlessly estimate their IT expenses and plan out favourable IT budgets for larger projects that require the dependencies of outside support. Consider reviewing all of these reasons in your next quarterly business review to show your valued clients the value of these services.

If you wish to gain any of these benefits and accomplish your IT tasks unhindered, look for a trustworthy and dependable managed IT services provider who uses the most innovative tools and technologies to deliver IT services.

Jerick Baluyot is a Marketing Head at Intelegencia. When he is not working, he Loves Creative writing, photography


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