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Intelegencia ensures creative, scalable, responsive, flexible and cost-effective cloud computing solutions for your company. Intelegencia works on strategic development that transforms facts and innovation through end-to-end cloud application & computing services.

Cloud Infra Support & Security

Businesses are going cloud with their intellectual properties faster than ever before. Start-ups see cloud infrastructure and services as the key differentiator capable of empowering them to get their businesses up and running with little investment. Small and medium-sized businesses view cloud application services as an enabler that gets them started with limited resources and make the most of storage and networking capabilities. Huge corporations getting massive traffic on their websites are keen on cloud as they get to enjoy higher operational efficiency and greater agility.

Hence, the need of the hour is a service provider such as Intelegencia capable of delivering the most desirable cloud application services that offer flexibility, efficiency and strategic value. In terms of flexibility, the service must be scalable to balance out fluctuating workloads. Intelegencia’s cloud services offer a variety of storage offerings, ranging from public, private and hybrid. The service offers to organizations the space to determine their level of control as far as as-a-service options are concerned. Moreover, users are able to select from a set of prebuilt tools and features.

In terms of efficiency, Intelegencia’s cloud infrastructure and services deliver a service accessible from any internet-connected device, offering a development friendly environment, accounting for a strong network backup and saving the concerned business the cost of using a server otherwise. In terms of strategic value, Intelegencia’s services account for regular updates to keep users informed about the most up-to-date developments. They offer worldwide access to teams facilitating collaboration. Most importantly, they enable organizations to move deftly than ones with devoted resources to manage IT infrastructure.

Intelegencia’s cloud application services stand for scalability, responsiveness, flexibility, creativity and cost-effectiveness offered over cloud and on-premise. Just like our enterprise mobile application development services, our cloud services put all your worries to rest. Your online presence thrives within a safe environment. The environment that we create is resistant to security breach and data theft. Our end-to-end cloud computing services put you at ease while you pursue your business goals undeterred.

What are Intelegencia's Cloud Infrastructure and Services offerings, both in terms of Support and Security?

  • Infrastructure Services
  • Security Services

What kind of companies benefit from these services?

From Infrastructure Services:

  • Enterprises trying to create a highly agile environment within which they can design, run and manage their IT infrastructure services.
  • Businesses vying for an IT infrastructure that facilitates integration with existing processes.
  • Companies trying to transform their existing infrastructure onto cloud and looking for a suitable vendor who can help do it.

From Security Services:

  • Organizations struggling to have their business security strategy aligned with their business goals.
  • Companies looking for robust security solutions that ensure data security and constant surveillance.
  • Enterprises hassled by the so-called risks associated with cloud computing such as loss of governance, compliance, ambiguity, data vulnerability, service unavailability and malicious behaviour.


Cloud infra support & security

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