Cloud Application, Infra Support & Security Services

Intelegencia ensures creative, scalable, responsive, flexible and cost-effective cloud computing solutions for your company. Intelegencia works on strategic development that transforms facts and innovation through end-to-end cloud application & computing services.

Cloud Infra Support & Security

In times when data theft and security breaches have become common practice, business owners are looking for options capable of giving their businesses a safe and sustainable online presence. Going forward, this has become a necessity if they are to survive in a highly competitive environment.

Intelegencia accounts for that scalable, responsive, flexible, creative and cost-effective  Cloud application servicesoffered over cloud or on-premise. Our services put all your worries to rest regarding the online presence of your business within a safe environment. The environment that we create is resistant to security breach and data theft. Our end-to-end cloud computing services put you at ease while you pursue your business goals undeterred.

What are Intelegencia's Cloud Infrastructure Support and Security Services offerings?

  • Infrastructure Services
  • Security Services

What kind of companies benefit from these services?

From Infrastructure Services:

  • Enterprises trying to create a highly agile environment within which they can design, run and manage their IT infrastructure services
  • Businesses vying for an IT infrastructure that facilitates integration with existing processes
  • Companies trying to transform their existing infrastructure onto cloud and looking for a suitable vendor who can help do it

From Security Services:

  • Organizations struggling to have their business security strategy aligned with their business goals
  • Companies looking for robust security solutions that ensure data security and constant surveillance
  • Enterprises hassled by the so-called risks associated with cloud computing such as loss of governance, compliance, ambiguity, data vulnerability, service unavailability and malicious behaviour


Cloud infra support & security

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