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Intelegencia brings skilled professionals on board and gets them to work on innovational ideas sharply focussed on Digital Transformation to deliver end-to-end engineering R&D.

Process Engineering Services

Your engineering strategies must have substance if you expect them to get you a lot of success. Unless that happens, your clients will find it hard to think of you as someone capable of providing good product leadership.The ability to innovate and deliver something out-of-the-box for clients is what sets Intelegencia apart from the rest as a successful vendor of process engineering services, in an industry where product launches and subsequent crashes happen to be the norm of the day.

Intelegencia’s success as a niche process engineering company lies in its ability to identify and help fix shortcomings in your software products and engineering strategies. Intelegencia’s process engineering services get you to experience changes in how you perform in terms of cost, service and quality. It helps you increase competitiveness. It brings in a fresh approach to the way you have been going about things. Moreover, it changes the way you respond to customer needs. Intelegencia’s involvement in your business as a process engineering company brings forth radical improvements in terms of helping you increase market share, be more profitable, shorten cycle time and better cost ratios.

As a highly sought after process engineering company, Intelegencia joins you in accelerating product development, bringing down lifecycle costs and helping focus more on customer-centric innovation that goes a long way in strengthening your offerings. Our ways of helping do all of this include the reuse of knowledge, localizing new market strategies and product offerings, suggesting ways to reduce costs in design and also making it more sustainable, faster configuration and improving equipment efficiency.

What are Intelegencia's Process Engineering Services offerings?

  • Tableau
  • SAP
  • Salesforce
  • Cherwell

What kind of companies benefit from these services?

From Tableau:

  • Companies in need of solid visualizations supporting complex computations.
  • Businesses that want interactive visuals rather than ones that are outright cold and also which support variations.
  • Teams in need of global quality engineering services capable of handling large amounts of data which do not impact the performance of the dashboard.

From Salesforce:

  • Companies preferring to keep their CRM offerings on cloud.
  • Businesses looking for a customer relationship management tool that facilitates both configuration as well as automation.
  • Organizations looking for a solution that makes it easy to manage the entire customer relationship management life cycle, both for B2B and B2C.

From SAP:

  • Companies trying to firmly control ongoing utilization of available resources.
  • Businesses struggling to cut down costs incurred in procurement and also increase efficacy of inventory.
  • Organizations desiring quick access to information so that their response time towards notifications comes down.

From Cherwell:

  • Companies looking for rapid development of data-driven applications get access to a common data repository and utilize similar standard configuration tools.
  • Businesses seeking custom applications on top of the same platform using tools and databases provided by Cherwell.
Process engineering services

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  • MicroSoft
  • SalesForce
  • Cherwell
  • Amazon
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